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Hellfest Audience Member Throws A Jug At Linkin Park When They Play Their New Pop Hit

Linkin Park performed Sunday at the French heavy metal festival Hellfest, where they got a decidedly mixed reception. Specifically, the rock-oriented crowd wilded out to…
Chris DeVille, Stereogum / June 20, 2017

Linkin Park to Fans Who Call Them Sell-Outs: “I Will Punch You in Your Fucking Mouth … You’re a Fucking Pussy”

Linkin Park say they don’t give a shit that a lot of their old fans aren’t here for their new EDM-inspired sound, but it certainly…
James Rettig, Stereogum / May 22, 2017

Stream Linkin Park’s New Album One More Light

Linkin Park is back with its seventh studio album, One More Light. The follow-up to 2014's The Hunting Party features collaborations with Pusha T and Kiiara, resulting…
Ian Servantes / May 19, 2017

Chris Cornell Remembered By His Friend Chester Bennington

Chris Cornell was good friends with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington. When he toured with Linkin Park in the late-’00s, Bennington would join Cornell to sing…
James Rettig, Stereogum / May 18, 2017

The 30 Best Nu-Metal Songs

Nu-metal is a tough movement to pin down: Back in the late '90s and early '00s, it was an umbrella term for a strain of…
Annie Zaleski / May 17, 2017

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Tells Unhappy Fans to “Move the Fuck On” From Hybrid Theory

In a climate where it's increasingly hard for musical acts to find a way to make a reasonable living, discussions of "selling out" seem increasingly outdated…
Winston Cook-Wilson / May 10, 2017

Linkin Park’s “Good Goodbye” Video Featuring Pusha T and Stormzy Is Weird As Hell

In what might be the most egregious example of doing too much since Collision Course, Linkin Park has collaborated with Stormzy and Pusha T for their…
Brian Josephs / May 5, 2017

Linkin Park – “Good Goodbye” ft. Pusha T and Stormzy

Linkin Park, a band that is still around, has recruited Pusha T and grime rapper Stormzy for their new single "Good Goodbye." As is often the…
Ian Servantes / April 14, 2017

So, How Bad Is the New Linkin Park and Kiiara Song?

Pity Linkin Park—you stop being cool for 10 or 15 years, and next time you turn around, Twenty-One Pilots are eating your suburban rap-rock angst scene for lunch. The…
Anna Gaca / February 16, 2017

Some Guy Mashed Up 185 Movies to the Tune of Linkin Park’s ‘In the End’

Today, in things that make you ask, "Why, for the love of God, why?" a fellow named Ross Thompson, a.k.a. YouTuber The Unusual Suspect, has…
Rachel Brodsky / January 13, 2016

Chester Bennington Announces Split With Stone Temple Pilots

Linkin Temple Pilots, we hardly knew ye. Chester Bennington, famed Linkin Park frontman and replacement singer for Stone Temple Pilots since 2013, has announced that…
Andrew Unterberger / November 9, 2015

Witness Linkin Park’s ‘In the End’ Sung 20 Different Ways

If you're the one person on earth who wanted to hear the Beatles, Korn, and Axl Rose cover Linkin Park's hit song "In The End,"
Brennan Carley / September 3, 2014

The MTV WVMA: Our Worst Video Music Awards

In case you needed a reminder, musicians still make music videos and occasionally some of them are good enough to receive awards recognition. This weekend's…
Brennan Carley / August 21, 2014

Vincent D’Onofrio Starring in Linkin Park’s DJ’s Movie

When the members of Linkin Park aren't busy chumming it up with Bill Clinton or getting accused of narcing on Sublime (someone inhaled is all…
Colin Stutz / June 25, 2014

Linkin Park Didn’t Narc on Sublime for Getting High, Says Linkin Park

UPDATE: Linkin Park have been forced to deny the allegations coming from Sublime's replacement singer, releasing the following statement: "Rome Ramirez's allegations are 100 percent false.
Colin Joyce / May 27, 2014
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