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Juicy J Jogged Around L.A. to Dionne Warwick

Juicy J Says He Jogged While Listening to Dionne Warwick After Linking Park Shows

Rapper, producer, and Academy Award-winner Juicy J recently gave Pitchfork a tour of the records that influenced him the most, and the former Three 6 Mafia member gave some of his highest praise to legendary diva Dionne Warwick.

Juicy J discussed how Warwick’s 1979 comeback single “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” made it onto his regular rotation after Three 6 Mafia won the Best Original Song Oscar for “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp” in 2006.

“Right after that Academy Award, all I could listen to was Dionne Warwick. I would just get drunk, take some Xans, fly on planes, and spaz out to Dionne Warwick in my headphones,” Juicy J told Pitchfork. “This chick was singing about how her life is miserable, talking about being lonely, and having nobody. I could hear the pain. But I’m a producer, so I listen more for the sound, and the basslines, strings, and arrangement really grabbed me. That was just for me though.”

He added that during social situations out and about in Los Angeles following his win “we was just listening to rock.”

“I remember being drunk as hell on stage with Linkin Park and playing pool with Chester [Bennington], RIP, and Mike Shinoda,” Juicy J said. “But at the end of the day I would just go for a jog around L.A. with Dionne Warwick playing.”

There are definitely worse ways to unwind after a show.