Blast Rites: January 2021’s Hottest Metal

Welcome to Blast Rites, SPIN's monthly metal column! This month, we’ve got two unexpected yet wholly welcome death metal blasts from Arizona, the return of…
Andy O'Connor / January 19, 2021

Juan Ingaramo Wants to Bring His ‘Pop Nacional’ to the World

In the landscape of music coming from Latin America, Juan Ingaramo made his mark in Argentina with his pop nacional (his pop spin on genres…
Lucas Villa / January 18, 2021

SPIN Daybreaker: 21 Artists Breaking Into 2021

Last year had 2,020 problems, but music thankfully wasn't one of them. The time has come to venture into a new year of discovering the…
Eleni Rodriguez / January 15, 2021

National Treasure

If you care at all about democracy and the way our world works, you should be watching Real Time with Bill Maher. As January 2021…
Liza Lentini / January 15, 2021

SPIN First Look: UPSAHL Brings Her Bad Bitch Vibes to the Stage

Although we’re thrilled to say deuces to 2020, some epic music came out of a not-so-epic year. UPSAHL dropped her EP Young Life Crisis in…
Taylor Mandel / January 15, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: VenessaMichaels

VenessaMichaels is a technicolor soul, to say the least. Her dreamy, creamy, punchy vibes full of wonder and brilliance never fail to ignite the dance…
SPIN Staff / January 14, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Keinemusik

Get to know the unapologetic, multi-faceted Berlin DJ Collective that's taken the world by storm on their own accord. Think of them as a Swiss…
SPIN Staff / January 14, 2021

Heartbreak and Identity Crisis: Shame Push Themselves on Drunk Tank Pink

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, Shame's Charlie Steen hopes that his band’s new album is a fresh start for those requiring relief during these…
Gen Handley / January 14, 2021

Beach Bunny Are Not Playing Games

Beach Bunny’s Lili Trifilio is like everyone’s big sister. She is undeniably cool—a well-balanced, frequently pink-haired Libra, succeeding in making her artistic…
Danielle Chelosky / January 14, 2021

A Day in the Life of… Charlie Houston

"I just want my songs to be super authentic and address shit that all young people deal with," says 19-year-old genre-bending singer and songwriter Charlie…
Liza Lentini / January 13, 2021

Aaron Lee Tasjan: Pop Goes the Rock

Willie Nelson made Aaron Lee Tasjan throw his guitar away. No, the stoney country legend didn’t request that Tasjan toss his instrument; rather,…
Katherine Turman / January 13, 2021

Hospital Bracelet Are Reckoning

Eric Christopher—vocalist of Hospital Bracelet—was already considering music as a full time job before making it a reality. "I was debating this decision for weeks,"
Danielle Chelosky / January 12, 2021

History Personified: Lenny Kaye’s Life in Music

The Greenwich Village of the 1960s was a carnival of music, literature, poetry, coffee houses, free love, fashion and great ethnic food. The neighborhood’s heartbeat…
Lisa Ellex / January 11, 2021

The Four Weirdest Bands From the 1970s

Doug Brod has always wanted to write a book about music. It makes sense. He is a former SPIN editor in chief and has worked…
Jason Stahl / January 8, 2021

John Fogerty Is Still Trying to Get the Country to Understand His Lyrics

Last March, John Fogerty could sense there was trouble up around the bend. The songwriter was set to play a string of…
Daniel Kohn / January 7, 2021
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