Westerman Is Making It on His Own

Will Westerman has already had too much caffeine, but because I’ve just arrived, ostensibly to chat with him over coffee about his breakout year as…
Winston Cook-Wilson / December 13, 2018

Irmin Schmidt of Can on His Love for Beyoncé and Exposing Nazis as a Teen

5 Klavierstücke, the German-language title of a forthcoming instrumental album by Irmin Schmidt, translates to "five piano works" in English. The spare formality…
Andy Cush / November 6, 2018

The 88 Best Alternative Rock Songs of 1998

The year 1998 began with the revelation of the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal in January, and ended with impeachment proceedings against the president in December.
SPIN Staff / October 25, 2018

Julia Holter Finds Herself in Songs of Monks and Birds

"Can I feel you, are you mythological?" asks Julia Holter in the first song from her last album of new material, 2015’s Have You in…
Winston Cook-Wilson / October 25, 2018

Joyce Manor Is Excited to Be Bored

Tattoos snake down Barry Johnson’s right arm, coming just short of gripping his beer. His left arm, at least the part of it that isn’t…
Brad Nelson / October 23, 2018

How to Dress Well Tries to Breathe Under Capitalism

Tom Krell didn’t expect Los Angeles to feel like this. The 34-year-old songwriter known professionally as How To Dress Well is sitting cross-legged…
Rob Arcand / October 17, 2018

There’s Something Funny About Kurt Vile

It’s getting harder to find Discmans these days, which is bad news for Kurt Vile. "I’d buy so many from Best Buy, and they’d be…
Anna Gaca / October 12, 2018

Johnny Marr on His New Solo Album, Why the Smiths Won’t Reunite, and the Time He Almost Fell in a Volcano

In his 2016 memoir Set the Boy Free, Johnny Marr resigns himself to a fate of being asked about a Smiths…
Maggie Serota / September 25, 2018

How So I Married an Axe Murderer Wrecked One Writer’s Vision, Lost Several Stars, Bombed at the Box Office, and Became a Classic Anyway

Anyone who’s seen and loved the 1993 cult classic So I Married an Axe Murderer knows that its title doesn’t describe the plot literally. (If…
Maggie Serota / September 21, 2018

Interpol Talks Marauder, Avoiding Nostalgia, and Loving 21 Savage and Migos

Interpol guitarist Daniel Kessler is not the most exotic creature haunting Washington Square Park on this sweltering August afternoon. That would be the…
Brian Josephs / August 29, 2018

Remembering Aretha Franklin’s Most Important Musical Moments

In the beginning was the Voice, and the Voice was with God, and the Voice was God. My edition of the Book of John says…
Alfred Soto / August 16, 2018

After #MeToo: Accusers of R. Kelly, Jesse Lacey, and More on Enduring Fan Harrassment

Kitti Jones met R. Kelly after a show in Dallas in 2011, while she was working as a DJ for 97.9 The Beat, a local…
Andy Cush / August 14, 2018

Bill Hader on Barry and the Anxiety of Working on SNL

Much like Barry Berkman, the hitman turned aspiring thespian he plays on TV, Bill Hader loved heavy music as a kid. Judging by the Metallica…
Maggie Serota / August 1, 2018

Jon Hopkins on Psychedelic Meditation and Taking DMT to His Own Music

Shortly after the release of his breakout fourth album Immunity, Jon Hopkins started tripping. The celebrated British electronic producer had long been versed in various consciousness-expanding forms of meditation, practices he…
Andy Cush / July 26, 2018

Can Chromeo Stop Goofing Long Enough to Earn Critical Respect?

A group of beautiful people in ugly shoes is a fashion party, and tonight's is inside a galleria-like office grafted onto a discount department store.
Anna Gaca / July 11, 2018
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