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Nirvana: The 2004 Cover Story, ‘The Ghost of Saint Kurt’

Romanticized, ripped off, and never quite forgotten, Kurt Cobain still haunts us like no other rock star. But ten years after his controversial suicide, as…
Chris Norris / February 20, 2018

The Billy Show: Our September 2007 Story on a Possible Smashing Pumpkins Reunion

If anyone felt the inevitability of the Smashing Pumpkins' resuscitation, it was Victoria Cecilia of Los Angeles electro-rockers Gliss. In 2005, Gliss opened for Billy…
David Browne / February 14, 2018

Ravyn Lenae Is Feeling Lovey Dovey

Chicago R&B singer Ravyn Lenae first established herself a few years ago with intimate, romantic confessions that floated gently over local hip-hop producer Monte…
Tosten Burks / February 14, 2018

Read Our March 1998 Interview With a 16-Year-Old Ivanka Trump

Back in March 1998, when she was 16, Ivanka Trump was not yet a senior advisor to the president—she was just an aspiring model with a…
Kim France / February 13, 2018

Vice’s Action Bronson Problem

Action Bronson’s nightly Viceland show, The Untitled Action Bronson Show, follows a loose and freewheeling format. The rapper holds court in a large kitchen overlooking…
Jordan Sargent / February 8, 2018

Ben Sinclair: High Maintenance Man

Ben Sinclair’s favorite pick-me-up is an oat milk latte, because of the beneficial qualities of that particular dairy substitute: better for you than soy milk,…
Andy Cush / January 30, 2018

The Only Living Boy In New York: Our February 2005 Conor Oberst Story

I should probably take Conor Oberst out for a sandwich because it looks like he hasn't had one for a while, but instead I buy…
Jon Dolan / January 25, 2018

Ingrid Goes West and Personal Shopper Were 2017’s Best Films About Being Online

Somehow, even in the now-late 2010s, it still feels like a dicey undertaking to track characters’ virtual lives honestly and meticulously in film. This is…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 23, 2018

No Age on Getting Back to Rock Music and Feeling Like Dewey Cox

It's been over a decade since the release of Weirdo Rippers, the 2007 singles compilation that was the first exposure to No Age for most people outside…
Andy Cush / January 16, 2018

The Worst Songs We Heard in 2017

The past year sucked for more important reasons than oblivious white rappers, tedious dance bros, and jingoistic country stars. Still, the following musicians made things worse. These are…
SPIN Staff / January 2, 2018

50 Best Morrissey Songs

When the Smiths broke up in 1987, Morrissey wasted no time going solo—or finally achieving global fame. The Manchester icon became a superstar by amplifying…
Annie Zaleski and Jason Anderson / December 28, 2017

2017: The Year in Review

If 2016 was a year largely spent in anticipation of catastrophe, 2017 marked its arrival: chaos that threatened to settle into normalcy with whiplash speed.
SPIN Staff / December 21, 2017

Jake Paul Blows Up, Scaramucci Goes Down, Miley Gets Boring: Spin’s Year in Suck 2017

2017 was a bad year by any measure--so bad, in fact, that its badness often felt like unavoidable but unremarkable background noise, the elevator music we all…
SPIN Staff / December 21, 2017

Read All Our 2017 Cover Stories

In 2017, Spin writers visited the streets of Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, hung out with Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew in L.A., traveled to Gary, Indiana to profile footwork pioneer Jlin, chatted with Venezuelan…
SPIN Staff / December 21, 2017

Black Messiah: Hear a Playlist of Influences on D’Angelo’s Modern Soul Classic

After simmering for 14 years, Black Messiah finally bubbled over on December 15, 2014. The third album by D'Angelo, the erstwhile soul superstar, was ignited…
Jonathan Zwickel / December 15, 2017
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