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Beach Bunny Are Not Playing Games

Beach Bunny’s Lili Trifilio is like everyone’s big sister. She is undeniably cool—a well-balanced, frequently pink-haired Libra, succeeding in making her artistic…
Danielle Chelosky / January 14, 2021

A Day in the Life of… Charlie Houston

"I just want my songs to be super authentic and address shit that all young people deal with," says 19-year-old genre-bending singer and songwriter Charlie…
Liza Lentini / January 13, 2021

Aaron Lee Tasjan: Pop Goes the Rock

Willie Nelson made Aaron Lee Tasjan throw his guitar away. No, the stoney country legend didn’t request that Tasjan toss his instrument; rather,…
Katherine Turman / January 13, 2021

Hospital Bracelet Are Reckoning

Eric Christopher—vocalist of Hospital Bracelet—was already considering music as a full time job before making it a reality. "I was debating this decision for weeks,"
Danielle Chelosky / January 12, 2021

History Personified: Lenny Kaye’s Life in Music

The Greenwich Village of the 1960s was a carnival of music, literature, poetry, coffee houses, free love, fashion and great ethnic food. The neighborhood’s heartbeat…
Lisa Ellex / January 11, 2021

The Four Weirdest Bands From the 1970s

Doug Brod has always wanted to write a book about music. It makes sense. He is a former SPIN editor in chief and has worked…
Jason Stahl / January 8, 2021

John Fogerty Is Still Trying to Get the Country to Understand His Lyrics

Last March, John Fogerty could sense there was trouble up around the bend. The songwriter was set to play a string of…
Daniel Kohn / January 7, 2021

Sam Jayne and the Plight of Indie Musicians Amid the Pandemic

Artists often go unnoticed until they inspire you. Until they lead you by the hand into a brand new understanding of the world, they could…
Patrick King / January 6, 2021

The Tracks of My Years

The more I listened to Billie Joe Armstrong's cover album No Fun Mondays, the more it dawned on me that Billie Joe, despite the p-rock trappings,…
Bob Merlis / January 6, 2021

Today’s Ska-Punk Is Serious Fun

A new generation of ska-punk bands has a message for you, Rudy, and it's all about unity. Embracing the 80s British ska scene's…
James Wintle / January 5, 2021

The Dirty Nil Want You to Smash Your Phone and Crank Their New LP, Fuck Art

Luke Bentham was taking painting lessons in a community center when inspiration struck for the new Dirty Nil LP, Fuck Art.  "There’s this…
Bryan Rolli / January 1, 2021

What the World Needs Now

When they were starting out in the late ‘70s, legendary Irish punk band Stiff Little Fingers sent out their promo cassettes to record companies made…
Liza Lentini / January 1, 2021

Meet Analise Hoveyda: Gen Z’s Rising Pop Star

Only 17, Analise Hoveyda has already had a career that many music and Hollywood veterans would be envious of. When she was 14, she appeared in…
Mary Gibson / December 30, 2020

Eve 6’s Max Collins Is More Than Just the King of Music Twitter

No one was more surprised than Max Collins when the Eve 6 singer-bassist became the King of Music Twitter. In late December,…
Pamela Chelin / December 29, 2020

Exit Interview: Poppy on Canceled Tours, the New ‘Sonic Vibe’ of Her Next LP

Poppy vividly remembers her 2020 "Mission Impossible moment." The pop-metal shapeshifter was gearing up for a European tour behind her acclaimed January LP,…
Ryan Reed / December 29, 2020
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