Rufus Wainwright Is Ready to Return to Pop After Nearly a Decade of Writing Operas

Rufus Wainwright admits that he couldn’t have picked a worse time to waft back from the heady opera-world heights where he’s quietly existed for nearly…
Tom Lanham / July 9, 2020

Stockpiling Riffs With Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament

Jeff Ament should be in Europe right now and Pearl Jam should be hitting their stride playing in front of tens of thousands of fans…
Daniel Kohn / July 8, 2020

Mike Shinoda Talks Making an Album on Twitch and Life After Quarantine

Despite being in quarantine for the past four-plus months, Mike Shinoda hasn't only found time to stay busy, he's managed to be productive. The Linkin…
Daniel Kohn / July 7, 2020

Ted Templeman Is the Most Interesting Producer in Rock

The ubiquitous advertising campaign featuring "the most interesting man in the world" got it wrong. The most interesting man is indeed a debonair gray-haired gentleman,…
Katherine Turman / July 6, 2020

Kaskade Gets Nostalgic for Om Records Golden Days on ‘When I’m With You’ With Colette

Kaskade tells his origin story in San Francisco, set against the first wave tech boom and an exploding international deep house scene.
Kat Bein / June 25, 2020

Nahko and Medicine for the People Fight for Progress on Take Your Power Back

When singer and songwriter Nahko Bear wrote "Dear Brother" for Nahko and Medicine for the People's fourth album, Take Your Power Back, it wasn't to charge up…
Emily Tan / June 24, 2020

Chuck D Talks Public Enemy Reunion, DJ Premier Collab, and His Least Favorite President

In a world where little makes sense anymore, Public Enemy suddenly reemerging to release a fiery new song on Juneteenth actually makes a lot of…
Daniel Kohn / June 19, 2020

JiZMak Da Gusha Endorses Erection of Oderus Urungus Monument

An online push to supplant the city of Richmond’s longstanding statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee with one of GWAR’s late frontman, Oderus Urungus,…
Chris Harris / June 16, 2020

Maja Ivarsson of the Sounds on Their New Album and Life in Sweden During COVID-19

It was the KB Theater, alright, no doubt about it, Maja Ivarsson recalls thinking one recent Friday night in April. The same red-hot nightclub in…
Tom Lanham / June 15, 2020

Bootsy Collins on James Brown’s Best Piece of Advice and Why Funk Will Always Prevail

Bassmaster Bootsy Collins is known for living his life "on the one." Looking back on his legacy as an intergalactic, P-Funk pioneer, it’s easy to…
Nate Jackson / June 12, 2020

Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil on Protests, Quarantine and Teaming Up With Brandi Carlile

Like most of us, Kim Thayil has spent the past few months more or less sheltering in place. Which, by his own definition,…
Richard Bienstock / June 11, 2020

Muzz’s Paul Banks and Matt Barrick on Their Genesis and Why They’ll ‘Definitely Continue’ to Make Music Together

Paul Banks swears that he never intended to form another band. The singer-guitarist had a busy enough work schedule with his main outfit, Interpol, not…
Tom Lanham / June 10, 2020

The Ghost Inside Return 5 Years After a Fatal Bus Accident Almost Killed Them

No matter how great The Ghost Inside’s new self-titled album may be, the unfortunate truth is they’ll likely always be known for something they had…
Josh Chesler / June 3, 2020

Inhaler’s Elijah Hewson on Influences, Debut Album Prep and New Single ‘Falling In’

Inhaler is one of the 2020 bands you need to know. After a Winter tour in the UK and Europe, where the foursome…
Jolie Lash / May 27, 2020

Travis Barker on Having His Own Label and Covering Nirvana With Post Malone

Almost everyone saw (or at least heard about) the livestream where Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker teamed up with Post Malone to pay homage to Nirvana…
Steve Baltin / May 26, 2020
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