Altered State

The Offspring ‘Let the Bad Times Roll’ Not a Minute Too Late

For The Offspring, four decades as a band has helped them master the art of timing—so much so that they don’t even realize they’re doing…
Nate Jackson / April 15, 2021

Tomahawk’s Oddfellows Create Sonic Mobility

"Pandemic, pajamas, shit, fatigue, dog, California, music." Mike Patton uses those words a lot during our interview, according to the transcription software that…
Katherine Turman / April 14, 2021

Mike McCready on His New Guitar and Pearl Jam’s Year That Wasn’t

Mike McCready, one of the most underrated guitarists of the past 30 years, should be celebrating the one-year anniversary of Gigaton out on the road. But fans…
Daniel Kohn / April 8, 2021

Dinosaur Jr’s Green Mind Turns 30

There’s a valid reason why Dinosaur Jr.’s most allegiant fans allude to Green Mind as frontman J Mascis’ inaugural solo offering: He not only produced…
Chris Harris / February 19, 2021

Local H’s Scott Lucas on the Band’s Longevity and Copacetic Career

The roaring '90s were a heyday for the music biz — especially for bands in the college and alt-rock sectors. Record deals were given out…
Daniel Kohn / February 16, 2021

The Tracks of My Years

The more I listened to Billie Joe Armstrong's cover album No Fun Mondays, the more it dawned on me that Billie Joe, despite the p-rock trappings,…
Bob Merlis / January 6, 2021

Eve 6’s Max Collins Is More Than Just the King of Music Twitter

No one was more surprised than Max Collins when the Eve 6 singer-bassist became the King of Music Twitter. In late December,…
Pamela Chelin / December 29, 2020

Exit Interview: Mark Lanegan Reflects on a Prolific Literary Year, Leaving the U.S. Due to the Pandemic

In the decidedly dark, surreal year we’ve all just experienced, some artists refused to be lulled into the most obvious reaction — reflective coronavirus complacency.
Tom Lanham / December 23, 2020

Matt Cameron’s New Project Aims to Make Up for a Lost Year

Matt Cameron expected to be on the road with Pearl Jam for most of 2020. In March, the band released Gigaton, their first new…
Daniel Kohn / December 18, 2020

How No Need to Argue Turned The Cranberries Into Stars

By the time the Cranberries went into the studio to record their second album No Need to Argue, the Irish alt-pop quartet were already a…
Robert Ham / November 10, 2020

Dan Wilson on Semisonic’s First Music in 19 Years, Solving Songwriting ‘Puzzle’

With his 2004 memoir, So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star, Semisonic drummer Jacob Slichter offered an unflinching look back at the band’s…
Mike Hilleary / September 15, 2020

Old Men on the Back Porch: Presidents of the United States of America’s Debut Turns 25

It’s been a quarter-century since the Presidents of the United States released their eponymous debut. And while the record found its way onto virtually zero…
Christopher Hislop / July 24, 2020

Katie Jane Garside on Why She Took a Break From Sailing Around the World by Boat to Record a New Album

Any port in a storm? Not exactly, argues former Daisy Chainsaw/Ruby Throat — and now Liar, Flower — frontwoman Katie Jane Garside, who not only…
Tom Lanham / May 28, 2020

Spacehog’s Antony Langdon Would Do It All Over Again

When Spacehog guitarist Antony Langdon was 22 and working at a production company, which included a day spent frothing beer for a Stella Artois commercial,…
Pamela Chelin / May 20, 2020

Live’s Ed Kowalczyk Talks Band Reunion and Planning a New Album in Quarantine

Since reuniting in 2016, Live hasn't stopped touring. They had to be stopped. And from a logistical standpoint, quarantine couldn't have happened at a better…
Daniel Kohn / May 12, 2020
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