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Oasis Commemorate 25th Anniversary of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? With Limited Edition LP

Oasis' (What's The Story) Morning Glory? will be turning 25 next month. To mark the occasion, Big Brother Recordings will be releasing limited-edition…
Emily Tan / September 3, 2020

Liam Gallagher Debuts New Song “Shockwave” Live in London

Liam Gallagher performed a set at London's Round Chapel last night. There, amid renditions of songs on his last solo album—2017's middling As You Were—and Oasis…
Winston Cook-Wilson / June 6, 2019

Liam Gallagher Is Mad at Dave Grohl for Being Too Professional

It's been an exciting few months for Liam Gallagher. Amid three new singles promoting his new solo album As You Were (including one last week) he's…
Dale Eisinger / August 13, 2017

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Noel Gallagher Talks 25 Years of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? on SiriusXM

Noel Gallagher recently made headlines for his thoughts on mask-wearing and Oasis' early American audiences. Now, on a lighter note, he's honoring the band's legacy. On Monday,…
Brenton Blanchet / September 28, 2020

Noel Gallagher Compares Oasis’ Early American Audiences to Unimpressed Sheep

If you saw Oasis perform in the U.S. during their '90s prime, Noel Gallagher could've used some more enthusiasm. The musician, who recently caught…
Brenton Blanchet / July 20, 2020

Mark Lanegan Walks Back Liam Gallagher Critique: ‘He’s Kind of an Eccentric Old Uncle’

Last week, a decades-old feud between Mark Lanegan and Liam Gallagher that stemmed from an Oasis-Screaming Trees tour was reignited over a passage in the…
Daniel Kohn / May 13, 2020

Liam Gallagher and Mark Lanegan’s 1996 Beef Reignites on Twitter

Mark Lanegan's new memoir, Sing Backwards and Weep, dropped last month, and it has rubbed some people the wrong way. Namely, Liam Gallegher.
SPIN Staff / May 5, 2020

Liam Gallagher Is Unimpressed With Recently Discovered Oasis Song: ‘Make Sure I’m Singing on It’

On Wednesday (April 29), Noel Gallagher surprised and pleased Oasis fans by releasing a long lost song. "Don't Stop..." was previously performed once...at a soundcheck…
Daniel Kohn / April 30, 2020

Noel Gallagher Announces Release of Lost Oasis Song ‘Don’t Stop…’

Perhaps all of Liam Gallagher's pestering did...something! Noel Gallagher announced on social media that a long-lost Oasis song has been found and is…
Daniel Kohn / April 29, 2020

Brother Against Brother (or Sister): Music’s Top 10 Sibling Band Breakups

Brothers and sisters often have complicated love/hate relationships, and adding music and fame to the situation only makes things more intense. Some siblings have made…
Al Shipley / April 10, 2020

Oasis Guitarist Bonehead Calls for Reunion: ‘We Really Should Get Back Together’

On Saturday, Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs was the latest musician to host a Twitter listening party. The Oasis guitarist live-tweeted with fans while listening to the…
Katrina Nattress / April 5, 2020

Britpop Legends Are Hosting Listening Parties While in Quarantine

While the world hunkers down in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus, artists are coming up with creative ways to interact with…
Katrina Nattress / March 22, 2020

Liam Gallagher Turns Oasis Classics Into Handwashing Anthems

In recent days, Liam Gallagher has been a source of humor during these trying times due to the coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, the…
Daniel Kohn / March 21, 2020

Live Music During Coronavirus: Which Artists Are Streaming?

Need a live fix? Look no further than this list of artists who are doing daily—or less occasional—streams through social media and YouTube.
SPIN Staff / March 21, 2020

Liam Gallagher Pushes for Oasis Reunion for Coronavirus Charity Show

While Liam and Noel Gallagher have been notoriously known for being at odds with one another during their Oasis days, Liam has been reaching out…
Emily Tan / March 20, 2020

10 Music Films to Binge While Staying Home Due to Coronavirus

Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine and Billie Eilish are among the ever-growing list of musicians having to postpone shows due to concerns over coronavirus.
Jolie Lash / March 14, 2020

Liam Gallagher to Release MTV Unplugged Album

Liam Gallagher recorded an MTV Unplugged set in Hull, U.K.'s Hull’s City Hall last year. Now that the session is going to be released wide.
Daniel Kohn / March 13, 2020
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