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Liam Gallagher Says Noel Is Blocking Oasis Songs From His Knebworth Doc

Film chronicles two massive Liam solo shows at the U.K. venue in June
(Credit: Scarlet Page)

Another day, another feud between Oasis‘ never-boring Gallagher brothers. In the latest chapter, Liam has been all over Twitter in the past few hours to claim that Noel is blocking the usage of Oasis songs from Liam’s upcoming documentary Knebworth ’22, which hits theaters on Nov. 22 and Paramount+ afterwards.

What’s more, Liam says Noel won’t even allow him to include his early September performance of “Live Forever” at the recent Wembley Stadium tribute concert for late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. “You can stop us using the songs, but you can’t erase our memories. Shame on you Noel Gallagher,” Liam wrote this morning.

Peruse Liam’s series of tweets on the subject below. SPIN has reached out to a spokesperson for Noel for comment.

Liam’s June 3-4 Knebworth shows drew 170,000 fans per day to the famed U.K. outdoor venue, which has already been the subject of a separate Oasis documentary, last year’s appropriately titled Oasis Knebworth 1996. At the shows, Liam performed 12 Oasis songs, including “Wonderwall,” “Supersonic” and “Slide Away,” alongside his solo material. Both nights featured a show-closing rendition of Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova” with Stone Roses guitarist John Squire.

Although the Gallagher brothers haven’t been on speaking terms for years, Liam continues to hold out hope for an Oasis reunion despite Noel’s frequent dismissals. Earlier this week, Noel told Pub Talk when asked about a reunion, “Would you go on holiday with your ex-missus? As funny as this sounds, Oasis sell as many records now per year as we did when we were together. We’re as popular now in the eyes of the people as we ever were. And I’m happy with it.”

He continued, “if we got back together, there would be a circus — and there’s no point. Just leave it as it is. I’m happy. [Liam is] doing his thing. He’s still selling out Knebworth. It’s like, mate, good luck to you, do you know what I mean?”