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Britpop Legends Are Hosting Listening Parties While in Quarantine

Britpop album listening parties

While the world hunkers down in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus, artists are coming up with creative ways to interact with their fans. Many musicians are livestreaming sets from inside their homes; others have rewritten lyrics to their songs as a way to encourage effective handwashing, and some simply post uplifting and informative messages to help fans get through this trying time.

As the music industry goes completely virtual, Tim Burgess is testing out a new idea: Twitter listening parties. The Charlatans singer rounded up some of his friends to each pick an album to listen to and dissect with fans. He’s starting on Monday with Some Friendly; Franz Ferdinand will play their iconic self-titled album on Tuesday; Blur’s Parklife is Wednesday’s pick with tweets by David Rowntree; Thursday will be Ride’s Going Blank Again, and Oasis’ Liam Gallagher and Paul Arthur cap off the week with a dissection of Definitely Maybe. Each listening party is set to begin at 10 pm (GMT, we assume, though it’s not explicitly stated).

While many musicians self-quarantine in hopes of not contracting the virus, there are others who have already confirmed they have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

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