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Liam Gallagher Says “Family Is the Most Important Thing In the World,” Then Drags Brother Noel Gallagher

Liam Gallagher Says That Family Is The Most Important Thing in The World

Liam Gallagher chatted with Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music’s Beats 1 while doing the press rounds for his forthcoming album Why Me? Why Not. During the interview, Liam made a remark about his family that prompted some head scratching here at SPIN HQ.

Wilkinson set the scene by asking Gallagher: “What do you think of the three most important things of your life in 2019 if you had to quantify it?” It’s a good question, considering Liam has weathered the highs and lows of a vastly unstable music industry and, like his estranged older brother Noel Gallagher, can never quite escape his legacy as the frontman for their massively successful band, Oasis. Plus, he’s about to get married! There’s a lot to consider.

“Oh well, definitely my Mrs. and my kids. My mum,” Gallagher said. “My family, not me. All right, family. One. Music. Two. And Man City, three. And obviously my Mrs. comes in the family vibe.”

OK, so family, music, soccer. In that order. Got it.

“Family is most important thing in the world, isn’t it, man?” Liam continued. “Music just … music is not the most important thing in my world. You know what I mean? I dig it and I like doing it and all that, so I could put football and family and nice clothes and all that—they’re all equal. A lot of people just run around a lot of times, aren’t they? ‘Music, man—if I didn’t have music, I’d die.’ Well, you wouldn’t, would you really? It might be a bit miserable and that.”

Liam’s definition of family apparently does not include the estranged brother with whom he founded Oasis. Thankfully, Wilkinson decided to get messy and follow up with a question about the breakdown of Liam and Noel’s relationship.

“Do you think that’s why you find it so difficult with Noel and your relationship with him?” Wilkinson asked. “Does it just bug you internally the fact that you just can’t get on?”

Liam responded: “I’ll tell you what bugs me is that, that we had something special, you know what I mean? And that thing kind of just got trampled over just because of … I don’t actually know what the reason why we split up. You know what I mean?”

We don’t know what you mean, but by all means, please continue.

“I just think it’s just a shame. My mum’s got to live through all this nonsense, and then you know. If it does … if something ever does happen to my mum and we haven’t sorted it out, he’ll know about it then,” Liam added. “Proper. Because I’m just fucking about. There’s many olive branches to be brothers, and forget about a band, I’m quite happy doing this. He’s quite happy doing his disco music. But believe you me, God forbid nothing to happen to my mum. But if something did … there’d be pure war then.”

His disco music. The shade. Apparently, Liam was just getting fired up.

“He don’t speak to our kid because I don’t think he clapped loud enough at one of his naff gigs,” said Liam, who is a father of four. “And he hasn’t spoken to Mum for a bit because I think she watched one of my films and might have found me funny. As It Was, one of my films … and I think he’s got the arse with her.”

“So its not a band thing and it ain’t a me thing. I think it’s a Gallagher thing,” he continued. “I think, he thinks he’s a bit better than the people that, his family and that. It’s his problem, mate, so he needs to work [that] out. And if he don’t want to work, then give a shit. But I’m back, and I’m here, and I’m spoiling the party, and he can’t handle it.”

If there’s one thing that will never get old, it’s Gallagher brother trash talk.

Check out the entire interview on Apple Beats 1.