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El-P Says Run the Jewels 3 Is Almost Finished

Run the Jewels 3 is one of the year's last anticipated releases, and it looks like the album-making process is entering its home stretch. Run the Jewels' producing…
Brian Josephs / September 27, 2016

T.I. Enlists Meek Mill, Killer Mike, Quavo for Us or Else EP

After another horrific week of anti-black police brutality, T.I. decided to make his voice heard by releasing a new EP called Us or Else. T.I. said…
Brian Josephs / September 23, 2016

Run the Jewels Share Immersive Video for ‘Crown’ on ‘New York Times’ Virtual Reality App

Run the Jewels have shared an innovative new music video for their intensely serious Run the Jewels 2 cut "Crown." The visual is immersive and can only…
James Grebey / March 10, 2016

Killer Mike Responds to Allegations of Sexism While Campaigning for Bernie Sanders

Longtime Bernie Sanders advocate and campaigner Killer Mike drew ire from Hillary Clinton supporters after a rally in Atlanta where he quoted activist Jane Elliott:…
Dan Weiss / February 17, 2016

Watch Killer Mike, Bernie Sanders, Cornel West & Nina Turner Discuss MLK Jr.’s Legacy

At this point Killer Mike's support of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign is well documented, from speaking at rallies to filming and promoting his own conversations…
Colin Stutz / January 17, 2016

SPIN’s 7 Favorite Songs of the Week: Violent Femmes, Chairlift, and More

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the SPIN staff's favorite new songs. Below, sample the best from post-rock standbys, reunited geek-pop heroes, techno troubadours, and more.
SPIN Staff / January 15, 2016

Killer Mike Wrote the Foreword to Marvel’s Hip-Hop Covers Collection

This past summer, Marvel Comics unveiled dozens of variant covers to their biggest superhero books that were homages to classic hip-hop albums, and they collected…
James Grebey / January 6, 2016

Killer Mike Discusses Barbershops, Bernie Sanders, and Parent-Teacher Meetings on ‘Colbert’

Would-be Georgia gubernatorial candidate and all-around civic activist Killer Mike made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, where he discussed…
Harley Brown / January 6, 2016

Killer Mike, T.I., and Big Boi Argue for Hip-Hop Lyrics’ First Amendment Protection

Hip-hop lyrics have a history of being used against the artists who write them — in 2012, Lil Boosie's "187" verses were used against him in…
Harley Brown / December 22, 2015

Killer Mike Interviewed Bernie Sanders About the 2016 Election, Socialism, Donald Trump, and More

Killer Mike introduced Senator Bernie Sanders at a recent rally for his 2016 presidential campaign, but today the pair have united again for a six-part…
Colin Joyce / December 15, 2015

Watch Killer Mike Speak at a Bernie Sanders Rally in Atlanta

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a rally in Atlanta last night, where Killer Mike introduced him. During his rousing speech, the Run the Jewels rapper…
Rachel Brodsky / November 24, 2015

Killer Mike Spoke About Positivity at Florida State University

Killer Mike is as eloquent a speaker as he is a ferocious rapper, and the Run the Jewels MC stopped by Florida State University to give…
James Grebey / November 19, 2015

Killer Mike Slows Down on Droning ‘Eat What You Kill (EWYK)’

Killer Mike's 2015 has mostly been spent on tour or overshadowed by the contributions of cats, but today he's grabbing the spotlight back with the…
Colin Joyce / October 21, 2015

Five Thoughts About ‘Meow the Jewels,’ Because How the Hell Would You Actually Review This?

cant wait to read the first serious review of meow the jewels by some poor bastard who thinks its a serious album. —…
James Grebey / September 29, 2015

Banksy Interviews Run the Jewels, All Other Interviews Null and Void

To promote Run the Jewels' upcoming performance at U.K. artist Banksy's theme park, "Dismaland," the "bemusement park" mastermind has interviewed El-P and Killer Mike for The Guardian. As…
Harley Brown / August 22, 2015
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