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Killer Mike Criticizes Drew Brees’ Comments on Kneeling: ‘Now, You Bear the Brunt of It’

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 15: Killer Mike of Run The Jewels performs onstage during the Meadows Music And Arts Festival - Day 1 at Citi Field on September 15, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was heavily criticized in an interview with Yahoo Finance where he said he was opposed to any disrespecting of the American flag.

He was heavily criticized by his teammates and by the city where he became a Super Bowl-winning hero.

As he has done in the past few days, Killer Mike was asked to comment on the situation on ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby and he did so in his usual measured fashion.

“The American flag stands for the First Amendment and the ability to say what you feel about situations,” he said. “Now, you bear the brunt of it. You may get blackballed out of the NFL, but you have the right to [protest]. So if you support and you don’t wanna see the American flag disrespected, don’t look at it on Budweiser shorts at picnics.

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“Don’t look at it in bikini shots in Playboy. Don’t look at it on your favorite album covers because you think that rock band is rocking for you. Be all the way with it. You’re an intelligent football player but that was an incredibly stupid thing to say.”

Brees has since apologized for his remarks.

Killer Mike has been outspoken since the protests began. He’s written an op-ed about Second Amendment rights for minorities, delivered an impassioned speech to protestors in Atlanta, told white people can help on Colbert and Run the Jewels released their new album two days early.

See what Killer Mike had to say on Jalen & Jacoby below.