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Bill Maher Tells Killer Mike to Run for Office on Real Time

Killer Mike and Bill Maher

It’s been a busy week for Killer Mike. Last Friday, he delivered a moving speech directed at protestors in Atlanta and popped up to chime in on social issues, including New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees‘ anti-kneeling stance. Oh yeah, he and El-P finally released RTJ4 this week.

Killer Mike appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher where they discussed a number of issues with what’s going on in the country. He got into the changes that are going on in the country right now.

“What we do know about this republic is the bullet box and the ballot box have both changed this country in a lot of ways,” Killer Mike said. “I think that the ballot box is the most easily accessible way on a local level especially, to start to change the fabric of this country.”

Coming out of these riots, Killer Mike says there will be more organizers and more people registering to vote. He also explained why he was in support of some of the looting.

He expressed his support for the “kids out raging in the streets” and “appreciate destroying property when it’s followed the next day by real organizing.”

“The righteous anger is certainly permitted,” he said, “And encouraged to wake society up to see what’s going on.”

“Protesting is the first step, it’s when you come in the ICU and when you’re bleeding and they have to stop the bleeding first,” he explained. “Then, how do we stabilize the patient? The stability comes from beating up your local ballot boxes. It comes from voting in your prosecutor races, who your mayor and senators are going to be.”

He said there should be legal, legislative and educational goals and believes that protests never end and falls into a “way life that demands justice” and expressed his support of the Second Amendment like he did in an op-ed last week.

They closed by talking about legalizing marijuana and Maher even said that Killer Mike should consider a career in politics.

Run the Jewels’ RTJ4 is out now. Read our review of the album now.

Watch the full segment below.