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Hear Killer Mike’s First New Solo Track in Ten Years

The new track marks the rapper's first solo work since 2012's 'R.A.P. Music'
Killer Mike
Jonathan Mannion

Marking his first solo music in over ten years, Killer Mike just released “Run,” featuring Young Thug and Dave Chappelle, along with its accompanying video.

The video for “Run” was produced by NO I.D. Young Thug takes on a verse towards the end, while Chappelle opens the song with a foreboding monologue. “Nobody asked anyone to be perfect, we just asking people to be honest,” Chappelle intones. “You’re a leader, lead! Don’t be afraid, we got your back like the motherfuckin’ Verizon man. Run!”


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Young Thug and rapper Gunna are currently in jail in Atlanta on RICO charges, and on Killer Mike’s battlefield a flag reads: “Free Thug. Protect Black Art. Free Gunna.”

According to a statement, the Adrian Villagomez-directed video “represents the Just against the tyrannical, Black people and allied people up in arms together rising against the Nazi-esque secessionists that want to take the country back into the confederacy.”

In a behind-the-scenes of the video, Killer Mike explains that it “represented the warfare that’s going on between Fox, CNN, and MSNBC. It represents the warfare that’s going on between those that are sleeping, those that are awake. … It represents those of us that are just.” Killer Mike intentionally released the track on July 4, at a time when not all Americans can access such freedoms.

Since the release of his 2012 breakout solo record, R.A.P. Music, Killer Mike has been half of indie-rap duo Run The Jewels (who were SPIN‘s 2021 Artist of the Year) and part of various music collaborations. Alongside being an outspoken cultural commentator and social activist, he has two of his own shows, the current, weekly interview series Love & Respect With Killer Mike (WPBA/Revolt) and his 2019 Trigger Warning (Netflix).