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Netflix Releases Trailer for Killer Mike’s New Show Trigger Warning

Killer Mike Gets Netflix Series 'Trigger Warning'

Add Run the Jewels rapper Killer Mike to the growing list of artists with Netflix shows. The streaming service released the trailer for Trigger Warning on Wednesday morning, a six-episode docuseries that promises to “explore the human condition using nontraditional approaches” with producer and host Mike Render (aka Killer Mike) at the helm.

Trigger Warning is about examining cultural taboos and giving viewers the space to examine the ‘what ifs’ and ‘why nots’ that limit how some people move and operate in the world,” Killer Mike said in a statement. He added: “Not everyone will agree with my methods (and some of what we’re putting out is fucking crazy), but this show is about embracing your freedom to challenge societal expectations and conformity. This show is if an anarchist determined the status quo.”

The trailer is just a scant 44 seconds, but in that time, Killer Mike proposes marketing a Crips soda along the lines of Hell’s Angels merchandise, nods bemusedly at an old white lady telling him to his face that she believes black people are responsible for most violent crime, and challenges the cultural representations of a white Jesus.

In February, for the show, which was then titled Killer Mike Is Starting a New Country.

Check out the trailer below.