Donald Trump Doesn’t Seem to Know What Happened at Pearl Harbor, According to New Book

Do we need another book to tell us what we already know about how President Donald Trump is a legendary dumbass unfit to execute his duties…
Maggie Serota / January 15, 2020

Beastie Boys Doc Directed by Spike Jonze Coming to Apple TV+

A documentary about the Beastie Boys is coming to Apple's film and television streaming service Apple TV+, the company announced today. The group's longtime collaborator…
Tosten Burks / January 15, 2020

Tool Seem Pretty Stoked to Be a Jeopardy! Question

January 14, 2020, was a huge day for people hoping to one day hear the words "Maynard James Keenan" exit Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek's mouth.
Maggie Serota / January 15, 2020

Who Won the First Democratic Presidential Debate of 2020?

Round seven of the seemingly endless Democratic debates, was held January 14 at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. This was the last Democratic presidential…
SPIN Staff / January 14, 2020

Donald Trump Slurs and Snorts Through Speech About Iranian Missile Strike

President Donald Trump addressed the nation Wednesday morning after Iran launched a missile attack on two military bases hosting American troops in Iraq, in retaliation for the…
Maggie Serota / January 8, 2020

Elizabeth Warren Wisely Ignores Meghan McCain While Explaining Wealth Tax

Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren stopped by the manicured thunderdome known as The View on Tuesday (January 6) to field questions about impeachment, President Donald…
Maggie Serota / January 7, 2020

Greta Thunberg Outclasses Meat Loaf and His Ludicrous Climate Change Denialism

TIME magazine's 2019 Person of the Year Greta Thunberg has responded to comments rock opera aficionado and The Celebrity Apprentice season 4 contestant Meat Loaf made to the…
Maggie Serota / January 6, 2020

Donald Trump Jr. Shows Off AR-15 Decorated With a Cartoon of an Imprisoned Hillary Clinton

While his father was busy inciting World War III from the comfort of Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump Jr. rang in the new year with his favorite new toy:…
Maggie Serota / January 6, 2020

Donald Trump Falsely Accuses Justin Trudeau of Cutting His Home Alone 2 Cameo for Canadian TV

The nation's pettiest Fox News grandpa, President Donald Trump, took aim at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the Christmas break for a purely…
Maggie Serota / December 27, 2019

Robert De Niro Openly Fantasizes About Hitting Donald Trump in the Face With a Bag of Feces

Robert De Niro has had to restrict his public vitriol toward President Donald Trump within the confines of awards show speeches, brief talk show appearances,…
Maggie Serota / December 20, 2019

Musicians React to Donald Trump’s Impeachment: “Bye Felicia!!!!!”

Musicians have long been vocal about politics, whether it was in their lyrics, urging fans to the polls, throwing fundraisers, performing at the White House,…
Anna Chan / December 19, 2019

GOP Congressman Compares Donald Trump to Jesus Christ Ahead of Impeachment Vote

In accordance with President Donald Trump's stated position that he is a mere victim of bloodthirsty Democrats in the impeachment proceedings, Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA)…
Maggie Serota / December 18, 2019

Watchmen’s On-the-Nose Music Supervision Was a Sly and Fitting Tribute to the Original Comic

In the waning hours of the decade, Damon Lindelof's reimagining of Watchmen established itself as one of TV's cleverest dramas—a perfect storm of incisive cultural commentary and puzzle-box screenwriting that managed to upend…
Will Gottsegen / December 16, 2019

Whoopi Goldberg Finally Tells Meghan McCain to STFU on The View

Whoopi Goldberg gave us all an early gift this holiday season by telling her The View cohost and patron saint of nepotism  Meghan McCain to "stop…
Maggie Serota / December 16, 2019

Rihanna Has a Massive Documentary Deal, Too

One week after the size of Billie Eilish's documentary deal leaked, the size of Rihanna's documentary deal has leaked. Just like Eilish's, the distribution rights…
Tosten Burks / December 13, 2019
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