Elder Scrolls Online’s Audio Director on Sending Gamers Straight to Hell (Or Oblivion, At Least)

As SPIN originally discussed with Elder Scrolls Online’s Creative Director, Rich Lambert, back in February, the latest expansion for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game…
Josh Chesler / June 23, 2021

Music’s Last Great Sparks

Sparks have released a lot of albums across their five-decade career. Like, a lot of albums. There have been more than two dozen…
Jolie Lash / June 19, 2021

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, Gareth Coker Finally Got the Chance to Score an ‘Over-The-Top, Epic’ Video Game

The last time SPIN interviewed Gareth Coker, he was promoting Ori and the Will of the Wisps’ release on the Nintendo Switch. A…
Josh Chesler / June 16, 2021

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Flexes the PlayStation 5’s Muscle to a Score By Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh

With the PlayStation 5 still only slightly easier to obtain than invitations to the Roc Nation Brunch, it’s not a huge surprise that most games…
Josh Chesler / June 9, 2021

Michelle Zauner’s Crying In H Mart Memoir Is Becoming a Movie

Last week, Michelle Zauner released her third album as Japanese Breakfast, which came a few months after the release of her stunning memoir, Crying in H Mart.
Daniel Kohn / June 7, 2021

National Gun Violence Day Honors Victims and Survivors, But It’s Not Enough

I started writing this op-ed at the end of March, just days after the Boulder, Colorado shooting took place at a supermarket killing 10 people.
Michael Franti / June 4, 2021

The Soundlings Left Their Mark All Over TV’s Top Soundtracks, Now They’re On to Video Games With Knockout City

What happens when you take the basics of dodgeball, add in some of what makes Rocket League so addicting, and mix it with a retro-futuristic…
Josh Chesler / June 2, 2021

Mac Walters Discusses Mass Effect’s Return to Consoles With Legendary Edition

For at least the past handful of years (probably more like seven or eight, but who’s counting?) there have been rumors, leaks, and countless wishes…
Josh Chesler / May 26, 2021

Composer Ben Prunty Brings a Chilly New Twist to Subnautica: Below Zero

If you’re scared of the ocean, Subnautica and its sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero, almost certainly aren’t for you. In the original 2018 game,…
Josh Chesler / May 19, 2021

Project Wingman Composer Opens Up About Scoring a Unique Aerial Combat Game in New ‘Making of’ Video

Historically speaking, there’s pretty much never been a shortage of video games about flying and/or aerial warfare. Ever since Ultimate Air Combat launched for the…
Josh Chesler / May 12, 2021

Resident Evil Village Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda on the Series’ Infectious Success and Evolution

When you talk about the biggest video game series in history, Resident Evil is right up there with the Street Fighters, Super Marios, and Maddens…
Josh Chesler / May 5, 2021

Dallas Sonnier Doesn’t Run From a Fight

(Writer's Note: Prior to this interview, I was aware of the accusations regarding Sonnier where he is accused of protecting a dangerous employee. An earlier…
Mike Postalakis / April 27, 2021

Boy George Biopic Karma Chameleon to Start Filming in Summer 2021

In 2019, when Boy George announced his biopic, he mentioned that he wanted Sophie Turner to play him. Now that biopic is becoming more of a…
Katherine Turman / April 20, 2021

Sasquatch Murder Mystery Rolls Out on Hulu in Time for 4/20

It may have a beautiful name, but the Emerald Triangle — the tri-county region in Northern California known for producing an abundance of weed —…
Jolie Lash / April 20, 2021

Outriders Is the Loot-Heavy RPG-Shooter You and Your Friends Have Been Waiting For

If there’s one game that’s surprised a lot of people in this new console generation (other than Astro’s Playroom), it’s Outriders. Written off…
Josh Chesler / April 8, 2021
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