Halloween Is the First Worthy Successor to John Carpenter’s Original

If Rob Zombie’s clunky 2007 remake was any indication, it would seem that anyone attempting to revive Halloween for the 21st century is setting themselves…
Maggie Serota / October 19, 2018

Banksy Explains His Self-Destructing Painting Was Supposed to Be Shredded Entirely

Earlier this month, Banksy shocked the assemblage at a Sotheby's auction in London when the frame for a copy of his 2006 piece "Girl With Balloon" shredded…
Winston Cook-Wilson / October 18, 2018

Tyler, the Creator Signs Sony Deal to Produce More Television

Tyler, the Creator and his collaborator Lionel Boyce have signed a first-look deal with Sony Pictures Television to develop scripted and unscripted projects, per The Hollywood Reporter. The pair…
Tosten Burks / October 17, 2018

The Shaggs Movie Casts Eighth Grade Star Elsie Fisher

A feature film about cult New Hampshire teen band The Shaggs is coming and will star Eighth Grade's Elsie Fisher, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Fisher will…
Tosten Burks / October 17, 2018

Nathan For You Is Officially Over

Comedy Central has confirmed today that Nathan For You will not return for a fifth season. Find the full statement to Consequence of Sound below:…
Will Gottsegen / October 17, 2018

What Is Kanye West Even Getting Out of This?

Here is Kanye West's year in a nutshell: generating headlines via antagonistic and poorly reasoned support for Donald Trump and the alt-right. Just recently, on…
Israel Daramola / October 16, 2018

The White House Is Mad About T.I.’s Melania Trump Lookalike Strip Tease Video

Melania Trump's spokesperson Stephanie Grisham is calling for a boycott of T.I. after the rapper shared a video Friday featuring a lookalike of the first lady…
Maggie Serota / October 16, 2018

Wilco Announce Solid Sound Festival 2019

Wilco has announced that next year’s Solid Sound Festival is set for June 28-30 at MASS MoCA, which hosted the music and arts festival two years ago.
Will Gottsegen / October 16, 2018

Winamp Is Returning (in a Fancy New Form)

Music fans who came up in the Napster era will be pleased and/or surprised to learn that Winamp, the once-beloved turn-of-the-2000s MP3 player, is set for…
Winston Cook-Wilson / October 16, 2018

Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s Camping Wastes Its Stellar Cast on a Mediocre Show

Camping should be a great show. The series has a stellar cast, and is the product of two writers, Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, who…
Maggie Serota / October 12, 2018

Heroic Third Grade Teacher Suspended for Saying Stephen Miller Ate Glue in Her Class

Nikki Fiske, the elementary school teacher who recently revealed that White House senior adviser Stephen Miller was "a strange dude" when she taught him in…
Maggie Serota / October 12, 2018

The “iPlane One” Kanye Showed Trump Is Someone Else’s Design Thesis

Kanye West visited the Oval Office yesterday, where he regaled Donald Trump with praise, talked a lot about his MAGA hat and a little bit…
Andy Cush / October 12, 2018

Here’s All the Insane Shit From Kanye West’s Oval Office Meeting With Trump

Although Kanye West was absent from today's Music Modernization Act signing, the rapper did appear for a 12:30 p.m. lunch in the Oval Office with Donald Trump, ostensibly to discuss…
Maggie Serota / October 11, 2018

What Taylor Swift’s Political Post Didn’t Say Is as Interesting As What It Did

Earlier this week, Taylor Swift broke her tradition of remaining publicly apolitical and endorsed two Democratic candidates running for office in November's midterms: Phil Bredesen for Senate…
Maggie Serota / October 10, 2018

Alec Baldwin Says Black People Love Him Now Because of His Trump Impersonation

Donald Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin is launching a weekly ABC talk show, The Alec Baldwin Show, wherein the actor conducts longform interviews with celebrities. Ahead of…
Tosten Burks / October 10, 2018
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