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Trump SCOTUS Pick Refuses Handshake From Father of Parkland Victim

Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump's nomination to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, had his first day of confirmation hearings today on Capitol Hill. There, Kavanaugh appeared to refuse a handshake from Fred…
Maggie Serota / September 4, 2018

Watch the New Trailer for Season Five of Bojack Horseman

The talking horse cartoon is back! Netflix's silly and bizarrely affecting animated series Bojack Horseman—starring Will Arnett, Paul F. Tompkins, Alison Brie, Amy Sedaris, and…
Israel Daramola / September 4, 2018

This Week In Trump Staffers Getting Caught Associating with Neo-Nazis

Surprise: Donald Trump appointees are having a bad month in the category of "associating with fascists." In August, the White House fired speechwriter Darren Beattie after it came…
Maggie Serota / August 31, 2018

Report: Woody Allen Film A Rainy Day in New York Shelved by Amazon

Woody Allen's finished film A Rainy Day in New York has been shelved indefinitely, Page Six reports. Amazon did not confirm that report to Page Six but…
Maggie Serota / August 30, 2018

Soundtrack for A Star is Born, Starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, Announced

Bradley Cooper's directorial debut A Star is Born, which co-stars him and Lady Gaga, is one of the year's most highly anticipated movies, the fourth in a series…
Winston Cook-Wilson / August 30, 2018

Stephen Colbert Adorably Explains How Chance The Rapper, Gilbert & Sullivan, and Lord of The Rings Connect

Stephen Colbert is the subject of a new Rolling Stone profile that maps his rise as a serious voice as a basic cable late night television…
Israel Daramola / August 29, 2018

Texas GOP: Check Out These Pics of Beto O’Rourke Looking Hot and Cool

Amid a tightening Texas Senate race between Republican incumbent Ted Cruz and his challenger, Democratic congressman Beto O'Rourke, the Texas GOP is trying to salvage Cruz's lead by tweeting…
Maggie Serota / August 29, 2018

Louis C.K. Receives Standing Ovation in Return to Stand Up

Louis C.K. returned to the famed West Village club the Comedy Cellar on Sunday night and performed a 15-minute drop in set, the New York…
Maggie Serota / August 28, 2018

Sharp Objects Was a Gothic Horror About the Violence Women Inflict on Each Other

Sharp Objects wasn't so much a murder mystery as it was a horror tale of how cycles of abuse replicate. Camille (Amy Adams)…
Maggie Serota / August 27, 2018

Video: Trump Thwarted by Speakerphone

President Trump is the most powerful person in the world. He is also an elderly man who is confused by speakerphone. Those two facts collided…
Maggie Serota / August 27, 2018

Watch a Trailer for True Detective Season 3 Starring Mahershala Ali

The first teaser trailer for True Detective's anticipated (or not anticipated, depending on your mileage with Season 2) has premiered. Starring Mahershala Ali, the series takes…
Winston Cook-Wilson / August 27, 2018

National Enquirer Chief and Longtime Trump Ally Cuts Deal With Feds

Longtime Trump ally and National Enquirer chief David J. Pecker has been granted immunity in order to speak with federal prosecutors regarding so-called "catch and kill"
Maggie Serota / August 23, 2018

Asia Argento Withdraws From Le Guess Who? Curatorship Amid Sexual Assault Claim

Italian actress and filmmaker Asia Argento has backed out of curating a Dutch music festival after a young actor accused her of sexual assault.
Associated Press / August 22, 2018

Steven Tyler Tells Trump to Stop Playing Aerosmith Songs at Rallies

On Tuesday night, Aerosmith's 1993 hit "Livin' on the Edge" played ahead of a Trump rally in West Virginia and frontman Steven Tyler is not…
Maggie Serota / August 22, 2018

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Scored Jonah Hill’s Mid90s

Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have composed the score for Jonah Hill's directorial debut, Mid90s. The coming-of-age film about a young kid who falls in with a…
Israel Daramola / August 21, 2018
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