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Smashing Pumpkins to Play Beale Street Music Festival

Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer and The 1975 are just some of the acts that have been slated to play at this year's Beale Street Music Festival.
Emily Tan / February 12, 2020

Watch the Smashing Pumpkins Reunite With James Iha at L.A. Concert

Smashing Pumpkins founding member and former guitarist James Iha joined Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin onstage Saturday night in Los Angeles for the first…
Colin Stutz / March 27, 2016

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The 50 Best Alt-Rock Love Songs

Not all love songs are romantic. Not all love songs are even happy. It all depends on your definition of the term. For…
SPIN Staff / February 12, 2021

Billy Corgan Says Smashing Pumpkins’ Machina II Is Complete and Will Have Around 80 Tracks

Billy Corgan has announced that The Smashing Pumpkins’ Machina II rework is complete and in the process of being mastered. In an interview with,…
Katherine Turman / January 28, 2021

The 35 Best Albums of the Last 35 Years

Let’s face it: With most "Best Albums" lists, you know the broad strokes of the ranking before you even click. Part of that…
SPIN Staff / December 6, 2020

Smashing Pumpkins Debut ‘CYR’ on Late Night

Smashing Pumpkins' double album CYR was released last Friday. Billy Corgan has been making the interview rounds, but last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the band…
Daniel Kohn / December 2, 2020

Smashing Pumpkins Unveil ‘Purple Blood’ and ‘Dulcet in E’

In likely the final preview of what's to come on CYR, Smashing Pumpkins have shared a pair of new songs in the form of "Purple Blood"
Daniel Kohn / November 20, 2020

Smashing Pumpkins Celebrate Friday the 13th With ‘Wyttch’ Video

To celebrate Friday the 13th, Smashing Pumpkins dropped a video for the tune "Wyttch" off their forthcoming double album CYR, which comes out Nov. 27.
Katherine Turman / November 13, 2020

Smashing Pumpkins Share ‘Ramona’ and ‘Wyttch’ From Upcoming Album

Another Friday, another new batch of Smashing Pumpkins songs. Billy Corgan and company unveiled a pair of new tunes tonight with "Ramona" and…
Daniel Kohn / October 30, 2020

Smashing Pumpkins Announce 33-Song Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and MACHINA Sequel

Where did the time go? Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness turns 25 this weekend and the band has big plans to celebrate the silver…
Daniel Kohn / October 22, 2020

Smashing Pumpkins Unleash Two New Tracks, Third Episode of Animated Series

In the spirit of their upcoming double album, Smashing Pumpkins just dropped not one, but two new songs. After sharing two tracks off their upcoming…
Brenton Blanchet / October 9, 2020

The 50 Best Songs of the Year 2000

The year 2000 looms large in pop culture history: the Y2k non-scare, the Seinfeld "Newmannium" episode, the "In the Year 2000" sketch from Conan O'Brien's…
SPIN Staff / September 25, 2020

Smashing Pumpkins to Release Double Album CYR

The Smashing Pumpkins are back on our radar... just in time for the pumpkin season. The alt-rock icons announced their upcoming double-record, CYR,…
Brenton Blanchet / September 18, 2020

Smashing Pumpkins Return With ‘Cyr’ and ‘The Colour of Love’

A couple of weeks after teasing activity, the Smashing Pumpkins are officially back. Billy Corgan and company released a pair of new songs,…
Daniel Kohn / August 28, 2020

The 25 Best Soundtrack Albums of the 1990s

In the 1980s, music and film collided for cross-promotional blockbusters both transcendent (Purple Rain) and transcendently cheesy (Footloose). In the ‘90s, soundtracks continued to sell…
Al Shipley / August 27, 2020

Smashing Pumpkins Tease Activity With Countdown Clock

Talk about a Friday surprise. Smashing Pumpkins dropped a subtle teaser on their social media this afternoon, with five different countdowns going on simultaneously. The…
SPIN Staff / August 14, 2020

Fruit Bats Ready Full-LP Cover of Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Siamese Dream’

Fruit Bats will release a full-LP cover of Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream on August 21 via Turntable Kitchen's SOUNDS DELICIOUS subscription series. They previewed the…
Ryan Reed / July 23, 2020
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