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Smashing Pumpkins Unveil ‘Purple Blood’ and ‘Dulcet in E’

In likely the final preview of what’s to come on CYR, Smashing Pumpkins have shared a pair of new songs in the form of “Purple Blood” and “Dulcet in E.” The songs join “Cyr,” “The Colour of Love,” “Ramona” and “Wyttch,” “Anno Satana” and “Birch Grove” from the record.

You can listen to the songs below.

Last week, Billy Corgan and company shared the spooky video for “Wyttch,” which was appropriately released on Friday the 13th. In October, the Pumpkins also announced they have a 33-song odyssey planned for 2021 that serves as the follow-up to both their landmark Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and MACHINA. 

CYR is out next Friday (Nov. 27) on Sumerian Records. It is the band’s first album in three years.