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Smashing Pumpkins Tease Activity With Countdown Clock

Smashing Pumpkins

Talk about a Friday surprise. Smashing Pumpkins dropped a subtle teaser on their social media this afternoon, with five different countdowns going on simultaneously. The soundless clip sees the Pumpkins logo change color a few times

See it here on their website.

Fan responded to the activity on Twitter and had multiple guesses to what could be happening, including a Machina box set or perhaps more likely, new music.

Could this be the release of a new single, the rollout several singles, an album or reissues? Check back in a few weeks to find out what their plan is. But, it should be noted that Billy Corgan spoke of a Pumpkins album as recently as January, saying it was “pretty different” from what the band did, for what it’s worth.

This year was supposed to be a fairly active one for Billy Corgan and company. They were supposed to do a quick run of the southeast on their Rock Invasion 2 tour and were slated to open for Guns N’ Roses on select stadium dates. But that whole COVID thing got in the way of their well-laid plans.

The kinda, sorta reunion of Smashing Pumpkins’ original lineup began in 2018. The group released Shiny and Oh So Bright Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun in 2018. Original bassist D’Arcy Wretzky, as has been publicly noted, is not involved in the current reunited Pumpkins lineup.