Stream Macklemore’s New Album Gemini

Seattle rapper Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, otherwise known as Macklemore, has just shared his new album Gemini in full. The album includes his singles "Good Old…
Rob Arcand / September 22, 2017

Video: Macklemore – “Good Old Days” ft. Kesha

Macklemore is releasing Gemini, a new solo album, on Friday. It's his first solo album since coming to fame through his partnership with Ryan Lewis, which…
Jeremy Gordon / September 21, 2017

Macklemore – “Good Old Days” ft. Kesha

Macklemore has dropped "Good Old Days," a sentimental ballad that features Kesha. The song is a new cut off Macklemore's solo project Gemini, which arrives at the…
Brian Josephs / September 19, 2017

Macklemore Announces New Solo Album Gemini Featuring Kesha, Offset, Lil Yachty, and More

Macklemore has finally announced his upcoming solo album Gemini. It's his first solo release (that is, without Ryan Lewis credited) since 2005’s The Language of My World.
Winston Cook-Wilson / August 22, 2017

Macklemore Renounces His Hitler Youth Haircut Forever

If you search "richard spencer macklemore" on Google, you'll quickly see that many have pointed out the fascistic overtones of the "undercut" hairdo the Seattle rapper cultivated on his rise…
Winston Cook-Wilson / August 15, 2017

Video: Macklemore – “Marmalade” ft. Lil Yachty

Macklemore has just dropped the video for his latest single "Marmalade." The video keeps up with the song's light-hearted tone, following kid versions of Lil Yachty…
Brian Josephs / August 2, 2017

Macklemore Walks Away Uninjured From Head-On Car Collision

TMZ reports that Macklemore was involved in a car accident last night, when a pickup truck drove head-on into the Seattle rapper's Mercedes. Police say the pickup truck's driver…
Brian Josephs / August 1, 2017

Macklemore – “Marmalade” ft. Lil Yachty

Macklemore and Lil Yachty, two bastions of unreasonable positivity, have collaborated for the new single "Marmalade." The new song is the candy-coated follow-up to June's…
Brian Josephs / July 26, 2017

Video: Macklemore – “Glorious”

Macklemore has been mackling again with his latest single "Glorious." The song now has an accompanying video that doesn't feature the hook vocalist Skylar Grey, but it…
Brian Josephs / July 6, 2017

Macklemore Releases New Song “Glorious” Off First “Solo” Album in 12 Years

Macklemore is back, like he never left, as he'll tell you in the first line of his new gospel-flavored positivity anthem "Glorious," featuring singer Skylar Grey on…
Anna Gaca / June 15, 2017

Washington Senator Rebukes Trumpcare by Invoking Patron Saint Macklemore: “This Truly Is a Heist”

At the behest of Donald Trump, Congress is set to vote on the American Health Care Act, an ineffectual bill that will take health care…
Jeremy Gordon / March 21, 2017

Here Are the Worst Songs We Heard in 2016

We spend a lot of time thinking about the songs we love, and 2016 gave us plenty of great music we'll remember. It gave us a…
SPIN Staff / December 31, 2016

New Music: Macklemore Offers His Post-Election Take on “Wednesday Morning”

Macklemore rapped on YG's Caucasian-mix of "FDT" that there's going to be a "party in the streets when Hillary wins." That's obviously not going to…
Brian Josephs / November 18, 2016

Video: Macklemore – “Drug Dealer”

Macklemore hit us with the pro-LGBT mackle. Then he hit us with the white privilege mackle. This time he hits us with the anti-pharmaceutical industry…
Brian Josephs / October 25, 2016

New Music: Macklemore – “Drug Dealer”

Macklemore mackles in perpetuity. In other words, there has been and there will be a lot of ballads in his oeuvre. His latest is "Drug…
Brian Josephs / October 12, 2016
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