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Katy Perry’s Performance of “Bon Appétit” on SNL Was … Odd

On last night's Saturday Night Live, Katy Perry appeared as the musical guest, to continue promoting her recent singles, "Swish Swish" and "Bon Appetit." As might…
Dale Eisinger / May 21, 2017

Watch Alec Baldwin Sing “Hallelujah” as Donald Trump on SNL Season Finale

As expected for the season finale of Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin appeared on the show again in his Donald Trump guise. He opened the…
Dale Eisinger / May 21, 2017

SNL’s Colin Jost Says Trump Hosting the Show Didn’t Humanize Him

In a new feature on Saturday Night Live in The Hollywood Reporter, members of the cast and crew discussed what it's been like dealing with Donald…
Winston Cook-Wilson / May 15, 2017

Haim, Katy Perry To Perform On Saturday Night Live Next Month

Next month's episodes of Saturday Night Live may still be unfunny, but they will at least come with new music. After announcing LCD Soundsystem's May 6 appearance…
Brian Josephs / April 26, 2017

LCD Soundsystem Will Finally Play SNL

LCD Soundsystem has been confirmed as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, for the first time in the band's career. The episode will air May…
Dale Eisinger / April 16, 2017

Jay Pharoah Opens Up About Leaving SNL: “You Go Where You’re Appreciated”

Yesterday, comedian and former Saturday Night Live cast member Jay Pharaoh spoke about his firing from the show, following its last season. Speaking with some degree…
Winston Cook-Wilson / April 14, 2017

Watch Filter’s Richard Patrick Yell at His TV, Call the Chainsmokers “a Piece of Shit”

Richard Patrick from the turn-of-the-millennium-famous industrial-rock crossover group Filter (and former Nine Inch Nails affiliate) has, apparently, a good Instagram. This much became clear during…
Winston Cook-Wilson / April 11, 2017

See The Chainsmokers Do “Paris” and “Break Up Every Night” on SNL

Fresh off the heels of the release of their debut album, Memories... Do Not Open (which has rocketed to #1 around the world) The Chainsmokers made their way…
Dale Eisinger / April 9, 2017

Watch Louis C.K. Do Ten Minutes of Standup for his SNL Monologue

Louis C.K. is hitting a stride, having just released a great new Netflix special, 2017. He took a victory lap last night on Saturday Night…
Dale Eisinger / April 9, 2017

Taran Killam Says Donald Trump “Struggled to Read” While Hosting SNL

In an extensive Q&A with Brooklyn Magazine this week, Taran Killam--actor, comedian, ex-SNLer and present-day King George in Hamilton--spoke positively about many things. He loved Get Out and Logan.
Winston Cook-Wilson / April 7, 2017

Watch Lorde Perform “Green Light” and “Liability” on SNL

After dropping, in recent weeks, two singles from her upcoming album Melodrama, Lorde made her headline debut on SNL this weekend. As expected, she brought…
Dale Eisinger / March 12, 2017

Kate McKinnon Should Stop Doing Charming Impersonations of Trump’s Cronies

This past weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live opened with Kate McKinnon impersonating Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who last week recused himself from any investigation into the…
Jordan Sargent / March 6, 2017

Watch Father John Misty Perform “Total Entertainment Forever” and “Pure Comedy” on SNL

Literary rake Father John Misty took to Saturday Night Live last night, to do two cuts from his upcoming record, Pure Comedy. The first performance saw…
Dale Eisinger / March 5, 2017

Lorde Is Playing Saturday Night Live Next Month, Which Can Only Mean One Thing

Saturday Night Live revealed on Twitter that its March musical guests are Father John Misty and Lorde. We already know Father John Misty has an album…
Brian Josephs / February 23, 2017

Report: Trump Hates SNL’s Steve Bannon Portrayal As Much As Its Sean Spicer One

Donald Trump's hatred of Saturday Night Live, like CNN, runs notoriously deep. Last week, a couple of reports from Politico described the pall that Melissa McCarthy's…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 14, 2017
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