Julian Casablancas

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Announce South American Tour

Back in July, Julian Casablancas + The Voidz announced their first show in two years would be at Colombia's Breakfast Festival in October, as part of…
Brian Josephs / August 28, 2017

Julian Casablancas Sings Lead Vocals on Exhibition’s “No One There”

The Strokes' Julian Casablancas has contributed lead vocals to a new song on the debut EP from Exhibition, the solo project of Hammarsing Kharhmar, a India-born…
Winston Cook-Wilson / April 6, 2017

Listen to Charli XCX Cover the Stooges’ ‘No Fun’ for HBO’s ‘Vinyl’

Update: Julian Casablancas' cover of Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs" is worth checking out too. Listen below. Iggy Pop is 68 years old, the same…
Dan Weiss / April 15, 2016

Julian Casablancas Covers the Velvet Underground’s ‘Run Run Run’

Now that HBO's Vinyl, a show that chronicles the sometimes-corrupt music business in 1970s New York, is officially on the air, fellow New Yorker and…
Rachel Brodsky / February 19, 2016

Har Mar Superstar Announces New Album Produced by the Strokes’ Julian Casablancas

Oddball dance-pop singer Sean Tillmann, a.k.a. Har Mar Superstar, has announced a new album, Best Summer Ever. The LP is being produced by Julian Casablancas of the…
James Grebey / February 18, 2016

Julian Casablancas and Savages’ Jehnny Beth Team to Cover a Danish Punk Classic

A duet between Julian Casablancas and Savages singer Jehnny Beth has seemed since its announcement to be a match in leather-clad heaven, and the resulting…
Colin Joyce / December 4, 2015

Julian Casablancas Covered the Doors and… Milli Vanilli?

Julian Casablancas + the Voidz were performing at the Beach Goth Festival in Orange County, California, this past weekend, and in addition to cuts from their 2014 album, Tyranny, they…
James Grebey / October 26, 2015

Dev Hynes and Julian Casablancas Interviewed Each Other for ‘Oyster Mag’

Update: New Community Management has issued an apology and explanation of why the Oyster interview between Casablancas and Hynes appeared in reportedly abbreviated form. Read it below.
Brennan Carley / September 12, 2015

Julian Casablancas + the Voidz Cancel North American Tour Dates

Julian Casablancas + the Voidz have just canceled their North American Immaculate Powerlords tour, Exclaim reports. Explaining their move via press release, the band (somewhat vaguely)…
Rachel Brodsky / August 17, 2015

Julian Casablancas + the Voidz Share Trailer for ‘Supermind God Rupture,’ Whatever That Is

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz just uploaded a really bizarre trailer for some project they're calling "Supermind God Rupture" to YouTube, and it's…
James Grebey / July 13, 2015

The Rebirth of Cool: SPIN’s 2003 Strokes Cover Story

They were edgy and rattled about what was happening to them. The fantasy came true. Real fame after handing out flyers and playing…
Marc Spitz / June 18, 2015

Julian Casablancas Makes Lou Reed and Stevie Wonder Mixes, Writes About Politics

When Julian Casablancas first started talking about Tyranny, his debut album with the Voidz, he said it was a politically minded record. If the politics in…
Colin Joyce / May 28, 2015

Julian Casablancas + the Voidz Explore ‘Human Sadness’ in New Mini-Movie

After premiering his new music video at tiny screenings in major U.S. cities, Julian Casablancas has just uploaded the visual for his Voidz' track "Human Sadness"
Brennan Carley / May 27, 2015

The Strokes Are Planning to Work on New Material

Last year, Julian Casablancas released his first record with noise-pop weirdos the Voidz. The record, called Tyranny, showcased the New York crooner's more outré tendencies. Now,…
Brennan Carley / April 13, 2015

2014: The Year In Beef

Beef in the 2014 music world certainly wasn't rare. There were fights about talent, fights about snubs, fights about money, and fights about brunch. There…
James Grebey / December 29, 2014
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