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Julian Casablancas Sure Looked Like He Had Fun on James Corden’s Show Last Nite

Did you watch The Late Late Show last night? You missed this chat between relentless small talker James Corden and aloof musical guest Julian Casablancas, who go together like the right and left ends of a magnet. Corden was very excited about Casablancas’s tactical vest, which Casablancas seems to have forgotten he was wearing. Corden was thrilled to announce that last night was Casablancas’s son’s third birthday: “You could sack the rest of the Voidz off once they’re old enough and get on the road making money!” he joked. “Joe Jackson,” Casablancas muttered under his breath.

Casasblancas appeared slightly more in his element during the Voidz’s performance of their weird single “Qyurryus,” from Virtue, which is out this Friday (March 31). Watch both clips—but really just watch this interview—below. At least it wasn’t Carpool Karaoke.