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Video: The Voidz – “All Wordz Are Made Up”

Julian Casablancas, as anyone who has paying attention to his recent music can no longer deny, is using the platform afforded to him by being in a seminal 2000s rock band with a rabid fan base to make some extremely weird music that is unlikely to satisfy most of them. Today, he’s released a video for his band The Voidz‘s “All Wordz Are Made Up,” another subtly demented, electronics-driven single from their upcoming album Virtue, due out March 30. It’s an oddly catchy dance track, despite its frequent detours into veritable atonality–here thanks to some wild vocal pitch-bend and heavy processing. The video is public-access-channel psych fare, featuring Casablancas singing and dancing in a various outfits with a ragtag crew. What kind of drugs are involved here? If you’d like to speculate, revisit the previous Voidz singles from the upcoming album–“QYURRYUS,” “Pointlessness,” and “Leave It In My Dreams”–which mix warped sonic batshittery with a certain decrepit beauty. Watch the “All Wordz Are Made Up” clip below.