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The Voidz Release B-Side ‘American Way’ On Streaming Services

Julian Casablanacas' side project just wrapped a run of summer shows
The Voidz
(Credit: Cheryl Georgette)

Earlier this year, Julian Casablancas’ side project the Voidz released the new song “Prophecy of the Dragon.” A b-side, “American Way,” was included on the song’s physical release in the form of a CD that cost $21.99 (CD singles didn’t even cost this much during the roaring ’90s!). That song has finally hit streaming services, appropriately, on the 4th of July.

On the track, Casablancas and the Voidz aim at American history with pointed lyrics like “Well it’s true what they say/ The American way/ Is built on someone’s tears.”

“Prophecy of the Dragon” was the band’s first new song in two years. This year, the Voidz have performed at the Primavera Festivals in Barcelona and Madrid, and recently completed a four-night run at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall.