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The Voidz Release Absurd New Song “The Eternal Tao” Produced By Mac DeMarco

The Voidz have released a new song called “The Eternal Tao,” produced by Mac DeMarco and Kirin J. Callinan. It’s the first new single from Julian Casablancas and his band since last spring, when they contributed “Coul as a Ghoul” to Adult Swim’s singles series. “The Eternal Tao” is defined by driving bass and an abundance of vocoder effects that garble Casablancas’ vocals. It essentially amounts to a bad trip—a mostly grating, half-rapped slog through cluttered production. “Now we build statues of robots / Humanity is already a memory,” raps Casablancas, in what scans as a questionably ironic ode to the future of A.I. The song also samples an 80s-era video dating tape, in which a man tells smokers to begone.

Voidz bassist Jake Bercovici provides a strange characterization of the new track: “Initially, ‘The Eternal Tao’ was born out of some chord and melody ideas Julian brought to the band a few months ago, and everyone put their own input and flavor spins on it and it became its own twisted LSD tinged Nigerian Disneyland of sorts.” Whatever is meant by “Nigerian Disneyland,” it’s music that’s intended to disorient.

Last year, The Voidz put out a previously unreleased recording of the SNL classic “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” in time for the holiday season. Their sophomore album Virtue was released back in March 2018. In keeping with the tone of “The Eternal Tao,” Casablancas recently told Billboard that the eventual wreckage of capitalism could potentially lead to a resurgence of vinyl as a medium. Stream The Voidz’s new track “The Eternal Tao” below.