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Mark Kozelek Says Ariel Pink Should Be “David Bowie Famous” in New Song

Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek is releasing a new self-titled album on May 11 and has put up an early stream of it on the SunKilMoon website. On one of the songs, “The Mark Kozelek Museum,” Kozelek shares some feelings about indie rockstar Ariel Pink in the middle of the wandering, stream of conscious song.

“Ariel Pink ain’t your run-of-the-mill indie rock /If it was 1975 he’d be a household name/And we’d be neck-and-neck/He’d be David Bowie famous, and I’d be Neil Young famous,” Kozelek sings, finding room to give himself high praise as well. These thoughts also mirror what Julian Casablancas said about Ariel Pink last month in an interview with Vulture. Casablancas called Pink “analogous” to Bowie and stated, ““I strive to build a world where… Ariel Pink is as popular as Ed Sheeran.” It’s been a good run of high praise for Ariel Pink. You can listen to “The Mark Kozelek Museum” and the rest of his new album exclusively on