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Julian Casablancas Makes Lou Reed and Stevie Wonder Mixes, Writes About Politics

When Julian Casablancas first started talking about Tyranny, his debut album with the Voidz, he said it was a politically minded record. If the politics in question were obscured by all the surrealist art-rock, the Strokes singer added a new page to his website to make things clearer. Labeled “Politics,” the section functions as a hub for information that is, as Casablancas puts it, “helpful in understanding our current world better.” He provides works by Martin Luther King Jr., Noam Chomsky, and a whole lot more, with a little bit of his own commentary.

Casablancas also added another page called “Master Mixtapes,” where he provides introductions to artists he deems “universally cool super-champs,” including Lou Reed, Bob Marley, and Stevie Wonder. Explore over at his recently revamped site.