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Trump Defends His Charlottesville Remarks by Praising Traitorous Loser Robert E. Lee

President Trump held a doozy of a press spray Friday morning when he was leaving the White House en route to Indianapolis to give a…
Maggie Serota / April 26, 2019

Donald Trump Met With Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Complain About His Follower Count: Report

Donald Trump hosted Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and several other Twitter executives in the Oval Office on Tuesday. After the meeting, the president tweeted a riveting summary, "Lots of…
Tosten Burks / April 23, 2019

Professional Liar Admits She Lied

One of the many embarrassing revelations contained in the Mueller report concerns White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who admitted to the Special Counsel that she…
Maggie Serota / April 18, 2019

Don Jr.’s Idiocy May Have Saved Him From Getting Arrested in Russia Probe

Back in July, long before today's release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, the world learned that…
Andy Cush / April 18, 2019

Trump Conveniently Forgets What Wikileaks Is After Julian Assange’s Arrest

One of Wikileaks's biggest fans turned his back on the organization this morning following the arrest of Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. During a…
Maggie Serota / April 11, 2019

The Worst Moments of Deposed Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen

Despite the heroism she displayed in becoming the public face of the Trump administration's family separation policy—which she once claimed didn't exist—Kirstjen Nielsen, Department of…
Maggie Serota / April 8, 2019

Imagine Being the White House Staffer Who Has to Pretend Windmill Noises Might Cause Cancer

White House strategic communications adviser Mercedes Schlapp was backed into an awkward corner this morning when she was asked about President Trump's claims that the noise…
Maggie Serota / April 3, 2019

Donald Trump Urges Reporters to Look at the Oranges of the Mueller Investigation

Donald Trump took questions from the press today during an Oval Office meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, using his time to mostly rant about migrants crossing…
Maggie Serota / April 2, 2019

Donald Trump Stole a Golf Match From a Teenager, According to New Book

Former Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly has been busy this week promoting his new book Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump, which, as you might guess, details all…
Maggie Serota / April 2, 2019

Trump Celebrates End of Mueller Investigation By Golfing with Kid Rock

The Mueller investigation into Donald Tump's possible collusion with Russia has officially been delivered to the Attorney General, but somehow Trump doesn't seem phased by…
Rob Arcand / March 24, 2019

When You’re Definitely Innocent

As the country waits for the special counselor Robert Mueller to present his final report on the Russia probe to the DOJ, President Trump continues…
Maggie Serota / March 21, 2019

13 People Whom Donald Trump Has Wished Happy Birthday Other Than His Son Barron

13. Ronald Reagan 12. Billy Graham 11. Lee Greenwood 10. Vince McMahon 9. Ivanka Trump 8. Jack Nicklaus…
Tosten Burks / March 20, 2019

Here’s What Trump Administration Officials Got Paid at Fox News

White House appointees are typically required to disclose their financial assets so that the public knows that a public servant doesn't have any conflicts of…
Maggie Serota / March 13, 2019

Trump Reminds Everyone He Called Tim Cook “Tim Apple”

Last Wednesday, President Trump closed out a meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board by personally thanking "Tim Apple," better known as Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Maggie Serota / March 11, 2019

Former Fox News Executive Bill Shine Resigns From Trump Administration

Former Fox News co-president Bill Shine has abruptly resigned from his position as President Donald Trump's communications director. No reason was given for his departure.
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