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Trump Staffers Complain They Can’t Get Laid in D.C.

Single Trump staffers are having a hell of time trying to find dates, according to Politico. More than 30 "millennial staffers" spoke to the magazine about being…
Maggie Serota / June 22, 2018

Melania Trump Wears Jacket That Reads “I Really Don’t Care” En Route to Visit Detained Migrant Children

On Thursday morning, Melania Trump traveled to Texas to visit detained migrant children and their caregivers at the Upbring New Hope Children's Center. The first…
Maggie Serota / June 21, 2018

Trent Reznor Talks Trump, Barry Manilow, and the “Taylor Swifts of the World” in New Interview

In an interview with the New York Times, Trent Reznor discussed what compels him to speak out on the current political climate and President Trump,…
Maggie Serota / June 20, 2018

Eddie Vedder Chants “Fuck You” at Trump in Response to Family Separation Policy During Pearl Jam Show

Eddie Vedder shared his thoughts on President Trump's migrant toddler internment camps during Pearl Jam's performance in London on Monday. "I would like to…
Maggie Serota / June 20, 2018

Trump Hugs the Flag After Accusing Canadians of Smuggling Shoes Over the Border

President Trump's speaking engagement at the National Federation of Independent Business’ 75th anniversary celebration in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday was a mix of his typically…
Maggie Serota / June 19, 2018

Trump Finally Admits That He’d Really Like to Be a Dictator

President Trump made a "surprise" appearance on the White House lawn on Friday morning for a free-wheeling Fox & Friends interview. Among all the topics the president…
Maggie Serota / June 15, 2018

Donald Trump Jr. Wishing His Dad a Happy Birthday on Fox & Friends Is Depressing as Hell

Outside advisers and others hoping to have an influence on the President Trump typically appear on his favorite show, Fox & Friends, in order to…
Maggie Serota / June 14, 2018

Trump and Kim Jong Un’s Summit: All the Weird Stuff That Happened

Shortly after President Trump alienated most of the United States' most important allies at the G7 summit in Quebec, the commander in chief set off…
Maggie Serota / June 12, 2018

Dennis Rodman Thanks Eddie Vedder From Trump/Kim Jong Un Summit

In what is somehow not the craziest thing to happen on Monday night, former basketball player turned cryptocurrency spokesman/unofficial ambassador to North Korea, Dennis Rodman shouted out…
Maggie Serota / June 12, 2018

It’s Someone’s Job to Tape Together All the Papers Trump Tears Up

Long before he became president, Donald Trump existed in a world where rules typically didn't apply to him. Now that he occupies the Oval Office,…
Maggie Serota / June 11, 2018

Watch Trump Try and Fail to Sing “God Bless America” at Canceled Eagles Event

President Trump made grand display over the importance of respecting patriotic songs and traditions during a White House event on Tuesday, before trying and failing…
Maggie Serota / June 5, 2018

Melania Trump Has Disappeared Before Our Very Eyes

It's been two weeks since Melania Trump has been seen in public, after the White House said she'd undergone a procedure for a benign kidney condition.
Maggie Serota / May 25, 2018

The Onion Printed a Hilarious and Very Real Legal Threat It Received From Trump’s Lawyer in 2013

Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen doesn't appear to know what jokes are, at least as evidenced by this crazy and very real legal threat he sent to The Onion…
Maggie Serota / May 21, 2018

Jay-Z Convinced Meek Mill to Back Out of White House Visit With Trump: Report

Meek Mill was scheduled to meet with President Trump and discuss prison reform at the White House on Friday, but Jay-Z convinced him to cancel,…
Maggie Serota / May 18, 2018

Pete Davidson Says Trump Faked a Congratulatory Phone Call in Front of SNL Cast

While appearing on the web talk show Complex Open Late, Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson told a story about Donald Trump that sounds…
Maggie Serota / May 17, 2018
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