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Trump Used a Cheat Sheet to Remind Him to Show Empathy to School Shooting Survivors

On Wednesday President Trump held a listening session at the White House for students and parents affected by school shootings following the recent massacre in…
Maggie Serota / February 21, 2018

That One Celebrity Golf Tournament Made Donald Trump Insanely Horny

Ronan Farrow has a new story in the New Yorker today that further confirms what we all intuitively knew to be true, which is that…
Jordan Sargent / February 16, 2018

Here’s How Trump’s Allies Paid Off His Alleged Lovers

The New Yorker published a story Friday detailing how Donald Trump allegedly carries on and hides his extra-marital relationships. The report features an eight-page handwritten diary…
Maggie Serota / February 16, 2018

Trump’s Budget Once Again Proposes Eliminating National Endowment for the Arts Funding

For the second consecutive year, President Trump's proposed budget seeks to eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities…
Maggie Serota / February 12, 2018

Trump on Ex-Staffer Accused of Abusing Two Women: “He Did a Very Good Job…We Hope He Has a Wonderful Career”

President Trump finally broke his silence on the scandal involving former staff secretary Rob Porter's alleged domestic abuse of his two ex-wives. While speaking to…
Maggie Serota / February 9, 2018

Report: Trump Refuses to Read Daily Intelligence Briefs Because Reading Is Not His Preferred “Style of Learning”

We probably didn't need a Washington Post report with three bylines to learn that President Trump isn't a big fan of reading. He's said as…
Maggie Serota / February 9, 2018

Rob Porter Is Not the First Person Near Trump’s White House to Be Accused of Domestic Violence

On Wednesday, White House staff secretary Rob Porter announced his resignation amid domestic abuse allegations from both of his ex-wives. Porter is not the first…
Maggie Serota / February 8, 2018

Trump Aide Rob Porter Resigns Following Domestic Violence Accusations

On Wednesday, White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned from his post after both of his former wives, Colbie Holderness and Jennifer Willoughby, accused him of…
Maggie Serota / February 7, 2018

Quincy Jones Says He Used to Date Ivanka Trump

It's hard to pick the most entertaining part of mega-producer Quincy Jones's freewheeling interview with Vulture's David Marchese, but his admission that he used to…
Maggie Serota / February 7, 2018

Don Trump Jr.: My Dad Can’t Be Racist Because He Used to Hang Out With “All The Rappers”

In an interview with conservative news site The Daily Caller, Donald Trump Jr. put on a new spin on the myopic "I have black friends"
Maggie Serota / February 6, 2018

Here Are the Eagles Who Won’t Go to the White House Because of Trump

Individual players on the Philadelphia Eagles, are already starting to announce their intentions to decline the traditional White House invitation extended to Super Bowl champions.
Maggie Serota / February 5, 2018

David Byrne Shares “The Beautiful Shitholes,” A Playlist of African and Caribbean Music

David Byrne is releasing a new album, American Utopia, on March 9. Yesterday, he released the second single, "This is That," featuring Oneohtrix Point Never, and…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 1, 2018

Stormy Daniels on Kimmel: Porn Star Dodges Questions About Signing NDA and Letter Denying Trump Affair

Adult film star Stormy Daniels made her much-anticipated appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. The focus of the interview was complicated by the release of…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 31, 2018

Grammys 2018: Watch Hillary Clinton, Cardi B, and More Read From Fire and Fury

Tonight's Grammy Awards featured a sketch about the Best Spoken Word Album award, which is generally one of the awards that is not televised. (This year's…
Andy Cush / January 28, 2018

Watch Sean Hannity’s Defense Of Trump Blow Up in His Face On-Air

Fox News talking head Sean Hannity completely contradicted himself within minutes on Thursday night while trying to run interference for President Trump amid a bombshell…
Maggie Serota / January 26, 2018
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