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Report: Trump Pronounced Nepal as “Nipple”

Stories of how Donald Trump doesn't like to read briefings or prepare in any way for important diplomatic meetings have been consistent since the very beginning of…
Maggie Serota / August 13, 2018

Trump Thanks Kanye Again: “He Is Willing To Tell The TRUTH”

The Kanye West-Donald Trump lovefest continues! Kanye, of course, has spent the year reiterating his support for Trump: professing his love for the president, rocking a MAGA hat,…
Chris DeVille, Stereogum / August 11, 2018

Omarosa Says the N-Word Apprentice Tape Is Real in New Book

Former reality star/White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman made some explosive claims in Unhinged, her new tell-all book about her brief tenure in the Trump administration.
Maggie Serota / August 10, 2018

The Grifters of Trumpland Are Having an Especially Bad Week

Although it's only Wednesday, it has already been a terrible week for several of President Trump's supporters, associates, and former campaign aides who have been accused of…
Maggie Serota / August 8, 2018

An Obviously Bogus Pro-Trump Kurt Cobain Quote Is Going Viral on the Right-Wing Internet

Perhaps you've seen it in your social media feeds this week. A quote, attributed to Kurt Cobain, that eerily predicts and approves of the prospect…
Andy Cush / August 3, 2018

Sean Spicer’s Book Tour Is Going Exactly as Well as You Expect

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer is early in a publicity marathon for his new book The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President, a memoir of…
Maggie Serota / July 26, 2018

Ivanka’s Fashion Line Joins Long List of Failed Trump Businesses

It looks like there will be one less line selling nude heels and pastel shift dresses as Ivanka Trump's namesake fashion brand is shuttering, according…
Maggie Serota / July 24, 2018

BBC Doc Alleges Trump Hit on Teen Models at Cocaine-Fueled ’80s Parties

A BBC documentary detailing sexual harassment and assault accusations against President Trump is set to premiere in the U.S. this weekend after airing in the…
Maggie Serota / July 20, 2018

Baby Trump Balloon Takes Flight Outside Pearl Jam Show in London

While the actual Donald Trump was awkwardly walking back some of his comments about Russian interference in the 2016 election, the helium-filled Baby Trump balloon was…
Gil Kaufman, Billboard / July 18, 2018

Trump’s Handwritten Note on Russian Collusion Statement: “THERE WAS NO COLUSION”

On Tuesday afternoon, Trump addressed Monday's shocking Helsinki summit where the commander-in-chief sided with Vladimir Putin over the entire U.S. intelligence community when it came to…
Maggie Serota / July 17, 2018

Oh, So That’s What He Meant

Yesterday, Donald Trump shocked the world by standing next to Vladimir Putin and proclaiming that he believes the Russian president over his own intelligence community.
Andy Cush / July 17, 2018

Trump Says He Still Has “Rocket Man” CD for Kim Jong Un, Along With “A Little Gift”

President Trump today confirmed reports that he intends to give his new buddy Kim Jong Un a signed (by Trump, not by Elton John) "Rocket Man" CD, a cute…
Maggie Serota / July 10, 2018

It’s Working

The patriotic Americans who have spent the last few weeks making life miserable for people like Stephen Miller and Kirstjen Nielsen can take some comfort in…
Andy Cush / July 9, 2018

Former Trump Lawyer Seen Rocking Out to DC “Scum Punk” Band Copstabber

Former Trump White House special counsel/turn of the century carnival barker Ty Cobb was seen wilding out to the "scum punk" band Copstabber in DC…
Maggie Serota / July 9, 2018

Farewell to Scott Pruitt, the Trump Administration’s Most Shameless Dirtbag

The Trump administration's dream of rolling back every environmental regulation hit a bump on Thursday with the resignation of EPA chief Scott Pruitt, the human equivalent…
Maggie Serota / July 6, 2018
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