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Donald Trump Shares Bonkers Image of His Head Attached to Rocky Balboa’s Body

Donald Trump Photoshops His Head Onto 'Rocky III' Poster

Great art is better left open to interpretation. With that in mind, President Donald Trump shared, without explanation, a Photoshopped image of his head attached to Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa’s body taken from the Rocky III DVD cover.

The image appears to have come from a site called American AF, which sells absurdly jingoistic posters and clothing for off-duty cops and Fox & Friends viewers.

In addition to a “Trumpy Balboa” poster and blanket, American AF sells a tank top featuring the cursed image paired with the phrase “Yo, Hillary.”

“I go to the gym wearing these tank tops so liberals lose their minds,” one satisfied customer wrote on American AF’s site. “Why, you might ask? Because it’s very therapeutic for me to watch their heads explode. LOL. And it’s made out of quality material feels so good!”

People’s heads were probably exploding because Trump in the poster has the bleary-eyed look of a senior citizen who was abruptly roused after passing out in his armchair while watching a Criminal Minds rerun. That transposed onto Stallone’s early ’80s physique is a lot to take in, especially given how the president labors under the belief that physical exertion of any kind will lead to an early death.

“Other than golf, he considers exercise misguided,” New Yorker reporter Evan Osnos wrote in 2017, “arguing that a person, like a battery, is born with a finite amount of energy.” But sure, let’s assume that a guy who cloisters himself away in the White House residence eating McDonald’s and talking on the phone with Lou Dobbs is the working class underdog pugilist in peak physical condition depicted in the Rocky movies.