It’s Working

The patriotic Americans who have spent the last few weeks making life miserable for people like Stephen Miller and Kirstjen Nielsen can take some comfort in…
Andy Cush / July 9, 2018

Anti-Abortion Movie Roe v. Wade Not Up to Kevin Sorbo and Stephen Baldwin’s Standards

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter published a report about a secretive production of a anti-abortion movie in New Orleans helmed by Nick Loeb, the guy most famous for…
Maggie Serota / July 6, 2018

Trump Staffers Complain They Can’t Get Laid in D.C.

Single Trump staffers are having a hell of time trying to find dates, according to Politico. More than 30 "millennial staffers" spoke to the magazine about being…
Maggie Serota / June 22, 2018

What Did Samantha Bee Think Was Going to Happen?

Mere hours after calling White House adviser Ivanka Trump "a feckless cunt" for tweeting a picture of herself and her toddler amid criticism that ICE is…
Maggie Serota / May 31, 2018

Melania Trump Has Disappeared Before Our Very Eyes

It's been two weeks since Melania Trump has been seen in public, after the White House said she'd undergone a procedure for a benign kidney condition.
Maggie Serota / May 25, 2018

Man Picks Fight With Protest Sign and Loses

Yesterday was May Day, which meant that groups of left-leaning demonstrators took to the streets across the world in support of workers' rights. In Seattle,…
Andy Cush / May 2, 2018

Dave Chappelle, Stephen Colbert Approve of Michelle Wolf’s WHCD Routine

Did you watch Michelle Wolf's comedy routine from the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday? (It's down below if you need to catch up.) It's funny! She's funny. It's…
Anna Gaca / May 1, 2018

What the Fuck Happened Today?

Good evening. Here's a roundup of absurdity to ruin what's left of your day: Continuing his busy week on Twitter, Kanye West tweeted a selfie…
Anna Gaca / April 25, 2018

Cynthia Nixon Says She Wants to Legalize Weed in New York

Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of New York, if you haven't heard. The actress and activist is still best known as Miranda Hobbes of Sex…
Andy Cush / April 11, 2018

Did Aubrey O’Day Write “DJT” About Her Rumored Affair With Donald Trump Jr.?

Imagine writing a love song about Donald Trump Jr. Thankfully you don't have to, because Aubrey O'Day maybe already did. Page Six and Us Weekly separately report that the president's son…
Anna Gaca / March 20, 2018

Report: NRA Country Scrubs Musician List From Website

The NRA's country-music interest division NRA Country has removed a list of affiliated country artists from its website, Rolling Stone reports. The erasure comes as part of…
Anna Gaca / March 19, 2018

It’s Steve Mnuchin’s Fault We’re Still Talking About This Video of Steve Mnunchin Getting Heckled

Yes—we're still talking about the time Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin got yelled at by a bunch of college students in Los Angeles. In the Trumpworld,…
Andy Cush / March 13, 2018

Our Country Is Deeply Unwell

Just read the first sentence of this Associated Press story from today: Crown-wearing worshippers clutching AR-15 rifles drank holy wine and exchanged or renewed…
Andy Cush / February 28, 2018

Looks Like Stephen Miller Nodded Off During the White House’s School Safety Meeting

Today, Donald Trump met with a bipartisan group of governors to discuss school safety in the wake of the Parkland school shooting earlier this month. I'd…
Andy Cush / February 26, 2018

Illinois Governor Who Drank Chocolate Milk to Make a Point About Diversity: “It’s Really, Really Good”

In a move meant to signify the power of diversity, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner drank a glass of syrupy chocolate milk during a Black History…
Tatiana Pile / February 22, 2018
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