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Report: NRA Country Scrubs Musician List From Website

The NRA’s country-music interest division NRA Country has removed a list of affiliated country artists from its website, Rolling Stone reports. The erasure comes as part of a website redesign unveiled a little more than a month after the Parkland, Florida school shooting that killed 17 people.

NRA Country’s list once included a broad swath of country artists who’d previously agreed to cross-promotional deals with the lobby organization, including prominent names like Blake Shelton and Florida Georgia Line. Both the NRA and the artists named on NRA Country’s list have come under repeated criticism in recent years, as a grim succession of mass shootings intensified public scrutiny of the gun lobby. Shelton’s name vanished from NRA Country’s website not long after the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2013, and Florida Georgia Line disappeared days after the deadly massacre at a Las Vegas country music festival late last year, according to Rolling Stone.

NRA Country appears to have scaled back its music promotion operation significantly since last year. As of now, the only artists named on its website are those scheduled to perform during the upcoming NRA Country Jam event in Dallas: Randy Rogers Band, Scooter Brown Band, Charlie Daniels, Travis Tritt, and the Gatlin Brothers.

Spin has reached out to NRA Country representatives for comment.