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Jack White’s SNL Skit Features Him Shredding at a Wedding

Jack White was the musical guest on last night's episode of Saturday Night Live, and during the show, White appeared as himself in a new…
Rob Arcand / April 15, 2018

Jack White Performs “Over and Over and Over” and “Connected By Love” on SNL: Watch

Jack White was the musical guest on last night's Saturday Night Live, and in the wake of his new album Boarding House Reach, the songwriter…
Rob Arcand / April 15, 2018

Jack White Made a Funny Trump Joke Last Night

Jack White was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, and the musician and host managed to have a conversation that felt loose…
Andy Cush / April 13, 2018

Jack White Has Rap Opinions Now

In a new interview with the British rock magazine Clash, Jack White talks a lot about the value of artists keeping an intriguing distance from their audiences. He's…
Andy Cush / April 9, 2018

Jack White Returns to SNL in April

The Jack White album cycle continues with the singer-songwriter's third appearance on Saturday Night Live on April 14. White appeared as a member of the…
Maggie Serota / March 29, 2018

Jack White Made a Fidget Cube Song to Torture You

Misophonia is a condition whose sufferers are adversely affected by what might otherwise be mildly annoying noises, like the sound of someone else chewing. It's also the…
Anna Gaca / March 23, 2018

Jack White Raps on “Ice Station Zebra,” and That’s All You Really Need to Know

During the press cycle for his new album Boarding House Reach, Jack White made much of the fact that he'd hired hip-hop and R&B session musicians to…
Andy Cush / March 23, 2018

Jack White’s Boarding House Reach Could Use Some Cleaning Up

If Jack White cannot get to the point on his third solo effort Boarding House Reach, we will: this album is a mess. It’s not…
Brad Shoup / March 23, 2018

Hear Jack White and Lars Ulrich Discuss Cell Phone Bans and Working With Rap Musicians

On the latest episode of his Beats 1 radio show, Metallica's Lars Ulrich sat down with fellow rock'n'roll curmudgeon Jack White to discuss White's just-released solo…
Andy Cush / March 23, 2018

Video: Jack White – “Over and Over and Over”

In the new video for his previously released Boarding House Reach single "Over and Over and Over," Jack White plays his futuristic-looking EVH Wolfgang guitar in…
Winston Cook-Wilson / March 23, 2018

Stream Jack White’s New Album Boarding House Reach

Jack White has released his third solo album Boarding House Reach in full. Recorded in New York this past summer, the album is more collaborative…
Rob Arcand / March 23, 2018

Jack White — “Ice Station Zebra”

Today, Jack White premiered his latest single "Ice Station Zebra" on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio. "Ice Station Zebra" is the Jay-Z collaboration that never…
Monique Melendez / March 21, 2018

Everything We Know About Jack White’s Boarding House Reach

Jack White's third studio album Boarding House Reach comes out March 23, and the singer-songwriter has promised a far-reaching, diverse album for his first LP in nearly…
Monique Melendez / March 20, 2018

Jack White Announces Three “Intimate” Shows to Celebrate Boarding House Reach

Jack White has announced a trio of "intimate" new shows to coincide with the release of his new album Boarding House Reach on March 23.
Winston Cook-Wilson / March 15, 2018

Jack White Submitted an Alternate Version of Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons” for Lemonade

In the most recent Rolling Stone cover story, former White Stripes frontman Jack White touches on a wide array of topics. He reveals the existence of an unreleased version…
Natalie Maher, Billboard / March 12, 2018
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