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Jack White and Jack Black, Together

Jack White and Jack Black are each Top 20 Jacks, probably. So the news this summer that White and Black recorded a song together at…
Tosten Burks / December 3, 2019

Jack White Announces New Raconteurs Live Album

Five months since the release of their first album in 11 years, the Raconteurs have announced a new live album. Live in Tulsa documents a…
Rob Arcand / November 9, 2019

Jack White’s Third Man Records Announces Billie Eilish Live Album

Jack White's Third Man Records will release an acoustic Billie Eilish live album next month. The performance in question went down last night at Third…
Tosten Burks / November 7, 2019

Jack White to Perform Homecoming Set at Bernie Sanders Rally in Detroit

Jack White will be returning to his old high school to perform at an upcoming Bernie Sanders rally. The event, which is billed as a…
Rob Arcand / October 26, 2019

The White Stripes Release Surprise Live Album of Final Concert

On Jul 31, 2007, the White Stripes played their final show. The duo was touring behind what would be their final album as a group…
Rob Arcand / September 19, 2019

Arcade Fire: Our 2006 Interview

This article originally appeared in the January 2006 issue of SPIN. In honor of the 15th anniversary of the band's debut album Funeral, we’re republishing it here.
Caryn Ganz / September 14, 2019

Watch The Raconteurs Play “Only Child” and Joke Around With Jimmy on Fallon

The Raconteurs continued their late-night run supporting their June album Help Us Stranger with an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. The…
Winston Cook-Wilson / September 5, 2019

Watch Jack White Jam to Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”

A treat for your holiday weekend: lo-fi footage of Jack White jamming in a dressing room to Jay-Z's classic Black Album single "99 Problems" before…
Tosten Burks / August 30, 2019

Jack White Attends Baseball Game, Plays Concert, Then Returns to Tied Game

Jack White is, among many things, a big fan our national pastime. The former White Stripes frontman has become a regular at Detroit Tigers and…
Rob Arcand / August 18, 2019

Watch Tenacious D Meet Up With Jack White to Record Upcoming “Jack Gray” Collaboration

Jack Black recently revealed that he had recorded a new collaboration between Tenacious D and Jack White. The two acts posed for a few memorable…
Rob Arcand / August 11, 2019

The White Stripes Announce Box Set for 20th Anniversary of Self-Titled Debut Album

The White Stripes' debut self-titled album turns 20 this year, and is being given a new box set to mark the occasion. THE WHITE STRIPES XX is being…
Will Gottsegen / August 7, 2019

Watch Josh Homme Play With The Raconteurs in L.A.

Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme joined the Raconteurs on Friday night to perform "Blue Veins" from the band’s 2006 album Broken Boy Soldiers.
Julia Gray, Stereogum / July 29, 2019

Jack White Can’t Say Whether He Wrote a Song With Bob Dylan

Jack White may or may not be sitting on music written with Bob Dylan, according to a new Rolling Stone interview. White would like to…
Tosten Burks / July 15, 2019

The Strokes: Our 2003 Cover Story, The Rebirth of Cool

This article originally appeared in the January 2003 issue of SPIN. "Is it okay to let the girls in?" Smoggy asks. The Strokes'
Mark Spitz / July 14, 2019

The Raconteurs’ New Album Was Not Delayed Because Jack White “Started Doing Heroin” [Corrected]

The Raconteurs latest album Help Us Stranger was released earlier this month following an 11 year gap since their last album, 2008's Consolers of the…
Rob Arcand / June 29, 2019
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