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Jack White Performs the National Anthem at Detroit Tigers’ Opening Day

He kicks off his tour in his hometown tonight
Jack White
(Credit: Mike Mulholland/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

In case you somehow missed our massive baseball preview, here’s some news for you: Jack White is a baseball fan. In fact, in case you aren’t aware, the Michigan native is a Detroit Tigers fan. Don’t believe me? Then look at how he thinks the Tigers will fare in 2022, which is to say, pretty good!

Today is a big day for White. Fear of the Dawn, his first of two albums that are coming out in 2022, was released and he’s kicking off his Supply Chain Issues tour in the Motor City. So, this being Opening Day for the Tigers, who better than the Third Man boss to start the season with a bang by performing the National Anthem? Precisely.

Armed with his guitar and a Tigers jacket with the number three, White ripped through the National Anthem at Comerica Park, which is the first time he’s performed it. He said so himself in an interview, which you can see along with his performance, below.


Ahead of Fear of the Dawn and the tour, we went down to Nashville to sit down with Jack White. You can read about everything he’s been up to in the past few years in our March cover story here.