Bill Callahan

Watch Yo La Tengo, Yoko Ono, Frankie Cosmos, and More Perform at Other Music Farewell Show

New York's Other Music served record-buyers for more than 20 years, and last Saturday the beloved store closed its doors for good. Area musicians weren't…
Rachel Brodsky / June 30, 2016

Bill Callahan Orbits the Earth in ‘Javelin Unlanding’ Video

Bill Callahan made one of the most gorgeous albums of 2013, and one of the finest of his admirable career, with Dream River. He also…
Chris Martins / July 30, 2014

How to Dress Well Bows to Bill Callahan With Pristine ‘Teenage Spaceship’ Cover

How to Dress Well's Tom Krell clearly has an attraction to billowy bedroom-pop and PBR&B, but the Total Loss mastermind is also partial to the…
Kyle McGovern / December 26, 2013

Chris Martins’ 25 Best Albums of 2013

To finish out the year, we'll be offering the top 25 albums from various SPIN staffers. Today, Senior Writer Chris Martins.
Chris Martins / December 12, 2013

Bill Callahan Set to Release Dub Album ‘Have Fun With God’

Austin outré Americana expert Bill Callahan will return with a new full-length on January 21. His essential end-of-day drifter Dream River handily made SPIN's 50…
Chris Martins / December 5, 2013

Stream Bill Callahan’s Stately ‘Dream River’ Set From Washington D.C.

SPIN profile star Bill Callahan is currently taking his new Dream River album on the road, and discovering unusual little eddies for that rolling fount of economical…
Chris Martins / November 15, 2013

Bill Callahan’s ‘Small Plane’ Video Is the Strong, Silent-Film Type

"Small Plane," from Bill Callahan's Essential Dream River, works on a few levels. Actually, "works" doesn't feel like the right word: It's a graceful, gliding…
Marc Hogan / October 30, 2013

Hear Bill Callahan Cover Walt Whitman, Play ‘Dream River’ at Studio 360

As far as we're concerned, there's no such thing as too much Bill Callahan. SPIN recently went down to Austin to catch up with the…
Chris Martins / October 14, 2013

Bill Callahan Is a Fount of Gorgeously Economical Gravitas on ‘Dream River’

"I've got limitations," Bill Callahan admits with characteristic matter-of-factness on the opening track to Dream River, his fourth studio effort under his own name. "Like…
David Menconi / September 18, 2013

Bill Callahan Rolls on Like a River

"Bill, can you make some mountains?" A great wind is rolling through Bill Callahan's home, toward a bare corner room that he's made…
David Bevan / September 17, 2013

Watch Bill Callahan Pilot His Beautiful ‘Small Plane’ in a Lush, Green Garden

Bill Callahan recently performed a new song off of his upcoming Dream River album for NPR's Field Recordings video series. The Maryland-born singer-songwriter set up…
Kyle McGovern / September 11, 2013

SPIN’s 50 Fall Albums That You Gotta Hear

School is back in session. The crops are being gathered. The pigskin ritual is afoot. And once again, we await the return of the Great…
SPIN Staff / September 3, 2013

Bill Callahan Dabbles in ‘Extended Dub’ for Sopping Wet Remix

On the cusp of releasing Dream River on September 17, Bill Callahan premiered a new track at the New York Times today. Breaking momentarily from…
Paula Mejia / August 6, 2013

Bill Callahan Film ‘Apocalypse: A Tour Documentary’ Gets Reverent NYC Premiere

Apocalypse: A Tour Documentary, a film directed by Hanly Banks that traces two weeks with doom-folk songwriter Bill Callahan, premiered in New York at the…
Paula Mejia / July 29, 2013

Bill Callahan to Ford Two-Month ‘Dream River’ U.S. Tour This Fall

Bill Callahan will return on September 17 with the exquisite Dream River, what's already been called "the most sensual and soulful" album of his 20-plus-year…
Kyle McGovern / July 9, 2013
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