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Bill Callahan Releases 6 Songs From His New Album Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest

Earlier this month, Bill Callahan announced that Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vestthe full-length followup to his last studio album, 2013’s Dream River, would be out in July. Today, the Austin-dwelling singer-songwriter has released the entire first “side” of the upcoming album—that is, six new songs (30% of its 20-song runtime). The atmosphere of the group of song is pleasantly fractured and rambling, full of warmth and humor, and embellished with touches of harmonica and steel guitar (see especially “Black Dog on the Beach” and “Writing”).

Callahan’s last release was the 6-song live EP Live at Third Man Records. He’s scheduled to tour the United States this summer; see the full list of dates here. Listen to all 17 minutes of new Bill Callahan below.