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How to Dress Well Bows to Bill Callahan With Pristine ‘Teenage Spaceship’ Cover

Tom Krell recorded his own take on Smog standout with tourmate Aaron Read

How to Dress Well’s Tom Krell clearly has an attraction to billowy bedroom-pop and PBR&B, but the Total Loss mastermind is also partial to the plainspoken wisdom of Bill Callahan. The proof: Krell has honored the singer-songwriter sage with a cover of “Teenage Spaceship,” a solitary highlight from Callahan’s 1999 album as Smog, Knock Knock.

In a message posted on SoundCloud, Krell explains that he laid down his version of the song while on tour last year, with the help of live collaborator Aaron Read. The meditative tribute was apparently recorded on “built-in laptop mics” and, despite boasting a starry sheen, the track remains unmastered. “[The] beauty of Bill Callahan’s original song is unmatched,” Krell writes. “[This] is just an attempt to do honor to one of the greatest songs I’ve ever known.”

Listen below, then read SPIN’s outstanding profile, Bill Callahan Rolls on Like a River.