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An Actor Has Been Cast as Young Morrissey in Unauthorized Biopic, ‘Steven’

Scottish actor Jack Lowden will play the young Steven Patrick Morrissey in Steven, an unauthorized biopic about the Smiths frontman's early life by The Voorman Problem director Mark…
Anna Gaca / March 18, 2016

Wyatt Cenac Thinks Morrissey Is the Ron Paul of Music

Aside from Kendrick Lamar's breathtaking performance, this year's Grammy Awards were universally acknowledged to be the most boring in recent memory — but comedian Wyatt…
Harley Brown / February 29, 2016

Morrissey Appears in Supreme Ads, But Isn’t Happy About It

Morrissey appears in a new ad campaign for the streetwear brand Supreme, but he isn't happy about it. The photos of the rock…
Colin Stutz / February 13, 2016

Morrissey Slams TSA, Says Organization Stands for ‘Thorough Sexual Assault’

Morrissey courts no shortage of controversy when he speaks words from his mouth, and his latest comments on the TSA (the Transportation Security Administration) will surely add…
Brennan Carley / December 1, 2015

Morrissey Is a Charming Man on ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’ with ‘Kiss Me A Lot’

After canceling his appearance on British talk show Alan Carr: Chatty Man earlier this year, Morrissey brought World Peace Is None of Your Business cut "Kiss Me A Lot" to…
Harley Brown / October 3, 2015

Morrissey Comments on Allegations That British Prime Minister F**cked a Pig

Update: A Smiths cover band — the Iain Duncan Smiths – have released a new track called "Pig's Mouth Strikes Again" to commemorate this joyous occasion.
James Grebey / September 21, 2015

Morrissey Throws a Fit Over Australia’s Plan to Exterminate Invasive Feral Cats

Wildlife in Australia is unlike any in the world. And now, many of the country's indigenous species are being hunted to extinction by house cats. Yes,…
James Grebey / August 31, 2015

The 5 Most Morrissey Quotes in Morrissey’s Daily Beast Interview

Ahead of his fervently anti-Trump appearance at last weekend's FYF Fest, onetime Smiths frontman, solo artist, and habitual line-crosser Morrissey did an e-mail interview with the Daily Beast,…
Rachel Brodsky / August 26, 2015

Morrissey Begs Fans Not to Vote for Donald Trump at FYF Fest

There's no denying that Morrissey is a hater, and it's certainly not surprising that he's not a supporter of flaxen-haired "politician" Donald Trump. During his headlining…
James Grebey / August 24, 2015

Morrissey Has Written Debut Novel, ‘List of the Lost’

Update: Morrissey has shared a cover for the novel and has announced that it will officially be released on September 24. Check it out below.
Harley Brown / August 23, 2015

Morrissey Sashays Through ‘Kiss Me a Lot’ on ‘James Corden’

Update: Morrissey also went on Larry King Now for his first televised interview in reportedly ten years. The gems he readily discussed include: criticisms of President Obama and hopes…
Harley Brown / August 19, 2015

Morrissey Alleges He Was Sexually Assaulted at San Francisco Airport

UPDATE: The TSA responded to Rolling Stone in a statement: TSA takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and strives to treat every passenger with dignity and…
Brennan Carley / July 30, 2015

Morrissey on Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran: ‘Things Can’t Possibly Get Any Worse’

Perpetual ray of sunshine Morrissey had some harsh words for two of the brightest lights in the pop world today. In an interview with Boulder Weekly, Moz…
James Grebey / July 10, 2015

Morrissey Moves Nashville Show to a Smaller Venue, Which Is a Step Up From Canceling it

Morrissey is infamous for canceling concerts, either due to illness or because a venue won't go vegetarian for the night. So news that he's not…
James Grebey / June 27, 2015

Morrissey Plays Emphatic ‘Kiss Me A Lot’ on ‘Fallon’

Fingers crossed that Morrissey will not cancel his Madison Square Garden performance with Blondie on Saturday, as he has notoriously so many others. In the…
Harley Brown / June 26, 2015

FYF Fest 2015 Lineup: Frank Ocean, Run the Jewels, Morrissey, D’Angelo, and More

Los Angeles' FYF Fest has just announced its lineup, and it's looking like Frank Ocean will make one of his first live appearances in years as…
Brennan Carley / May 6, 2015

Morrissey Writes Open Letter to Al Gore

Did you know that veganism can be directly related to correlated to climate control? Well, Morrissey is here to let you know that it can. Instead…
Rachel Brodsky / April 29, 2015

Morrissey: Desperately Seeking Record Label

Morrissey has been minus a label since being dropped by Harvest Records last year, but he is in search of a deal to re-release World Peace…
Rachel Brodsky / April 28, 2015

Morrissey’s ‘Kiss Me a Lot’ Video Precedes His Upcoming U.S. Tour

In Morrissey's new video for "Kiss Me A Lot," the cantankerous singer performs with a live band as women emblazoned with the song's title on…
Brennan Carley / April 6, 2015

Morrissey Used a Fan’s Artwork on a Tour T-Shirt Without Permission or Payment

Morrissey took a break from protecting animals to steal from one of his fans. According to a post on the Morrissey fan site by…
James Grebey / March 13, 2015
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