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Interpol’s Paul Banks Clarifies Morrissey Comments: “I Respect Both Conservative and Liberal Political Views”

Interpol frontman Paul Banks has clarified remarks he made about his band’s decision to tour with Morrissey this fall, despite the former Smiths frontman’s public support of the hard right anti-immigration For Britain party.

After initially telling Hot Press that he “thought [touring with Morrissey] would be a good show for our band,” Banks posted a statement to Twitter claiming that he had been misquoted.

“I’d like to address a few things real quick,” Banks wrote. “The actual quote I gave regarding the upcoming Morrissey tour was ‘we thought it would be a good show for OUR FANS.’ Not ‘for our band.’ I do not always hold the same beliefs as the artists I work with, and I do not consider that to be a requisite. I respect both conservative and liberal political views.” He added: “I abhor racism, homophobia, and any form of prejudice based on a person’s nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identification, or socioeconomic status…”

You can read his entire statement below:

Interpol’s tour opening for Morrissey begins on September 5 in Columbia, Maryland.