Van Halen

David Lee Roth Used to Kayak in Sewage

David Lee Roth recently visited New York's office for a longform interview in the spirit of David Marchese's "In Conversation" series, which brought us such gems as…
Tosten Burks / December 13, 2018

Sammy Hagar Says Reunion With Van Halen Is Inevitable

Sammy Hagar was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone, and the former replacement Van Halen singer said that a linkup with the old band seems "inevitable,"
James Rettig, Stereogum / June 23, 2017

Eddie Van Halen Sidelined by Painful-Sounding Colon Surgery

Eddie Van Halen might not be dancing the night away again until early next year. No more runnin' with the devil for a little while,…
Marc Hogan / August 30, 2012

Do You Love Eddie Van Halen Enough to Wear This Shoe?

Everyone knows that everyone who's anyone eventually gets their own sneaker line, an honor bestowed upon only those with rabid enough fanbases to scramble for…
Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / August 14, 2012

Husker Dupe: A Recent History of Rock Logo Swagger Jacking

Earlier this year, Disney was shilling T-shirts with Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures cover in the shape of Mickey Mouse's face. Bassist Peter Hook called it…
Claire Lobenfeld / July 11, 2012

Van Halen Dispel Super Bowl Rumor While Lobbying for Halftime Gig in Open Letter

Super Bowl XLVII may be a whole seven months away, but music and sports fans alike can always go for a good halftime show rumor…
Devon Maloney / July 9, 2012

Black Keys Sue Home Depot, Pizza Hut for Using Songs in Ads

The Black Keys owe a lot of their recent explosion into superstardom to the omnipresence of their music in commercials like this one for this…
Devon Maloney / June 22, 2012

Green Day Realize They Are Not Really the 99 Percent

One of the tougher things about being a successful punk rock band, Green Day have discovered, is realizing you might be a bit too successful…
Devon Maloney / June 20, 2012

Watch David Lee Roth and His Dog Explain Van Halen Are Tired

Following the mysterious disappearance of 30-plus North American dates on Van Halen's summer tour last week, the band's mouthpiece David Lee Roth has stepped up…
Devon Maloney / May 21, 2012

Van Halen Yank 30-Plus Tour Dates With No Explanation

Van Halen seem to have postponed 30 of their North American tour dates scheduled from early July till late September. Pollstar reports (via Blabbermouth) that…
Devon Maloney / May 18, 2012

Review: Van Halen, ‘A Different Kind of Truth’

I was 13 in 1984. More to the point, I was 13 during 1984. It's hard to overstate the impact of Van Halen being the…
Steve Kandell / February 7, 2012

Fair Warning: The Best and Worst Moments on Van Halen’s 7 David Lee Roth Records

Few bands in hard rock history have been so adept at balancing the awesome and trivial as Van Halen in their prime. Consciously or instinctively,…
Chuck Eddy / February 6, 2012

Who Charted? Adele Nears Date With Destiny and/or David Lee Roth

First! Adele just might wind up with the record that spends the most weeks atop Billboard's Top 200 albums, after all. Her 21 moved 116,000…
Marc Hogan / February 2, 2012

Why Van Halen Will Debut ‘Stay Frosty’ on ‘CSI’

No, Van Halen haven't been involved in some gruesome crime, though it's not like anybody at the reunited rockers' upcoming shows is going to be…
Marc Hogan / January 25, 2012

Watch David Lee Roth Talk About Tattoos for Six Minutes

It's been just under two weeks since we witnessed Van Halen being ridiculous 15 different ways at New Yorks' Café Wha? and first laid our…
Daniel Kreps / January 20, 2012
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