Video: Liars – “Liquorice”

Liars have written and recorded the soundtrack to Jeremy Phillips’ upcoming directorial debut 1/1. And while the last Liars record, last year’s TFCF, was the first to…
Peter Helman, Stereogum / May 23, 2018

Video: Nonpareils – “Ditchglass, They Think” and “Makes Me Miss The Misery Girls”

One strand a bit lost in the tale of Liars morphing into the solo project of Angus Andrew is the continued efforts of the band's departed…
Dale Eisinger / March 28, 2018

Video: Liars – “Staring At Zero”

Liars have released a new video for "Staring At Zero," off of their eighth full-length release TFCF. The video features two young men on a boat exploring the…
Arielle Gordon / September 27, 2017

Video: Liars – “Cred Woes”

"Cred Woes," the first single from Liars' eight album TFCF, is a darkly funny song about the drudgery of low-wage work. Its accompanying video, directed by Yoonha…
Andy Cush / August 29, 2017

Stream Liars’ New Album TFCF

Three years since their seventh album Mess, post-punk veterans Liars have finally shared their new album TFCF in full. The release follows singles "Cred Woes,"
Rob Arcand / August 25, 2017

Liars’ Angus Andrew On Recording New Album TFCF in the Australian Bush, SPIN Calling Its Second Album “Unlistenable”

The mark of a great band, or at least an interesting one, is whether it eventually self-destructs in a blaze of Behind the Music glory,…
Andy Cush / August 23, 2017

Liars – “Coins in My Caged Fist” and “The Grand Delusional”

Ahead of the release of their eight album TFCF August 25, art-punk lifers Liars released two tracks from the record today. The first of these, "Coins In…
Andy Cush / August 3, 2017

Liars Release “Cred Woes,” First Single From New Album TFCF

Last month, Liars announced a new album with some spooky YouTube videos and other social media ephemera, and now that album has a title and some…
Andy Cush / June 29, 2017

Liars Announce New Album, Share Several Snippets of Instrumental Music

Three years after the release of their weird and ravey seventh album Mess, the Los Angeles art-punk greats Liars have announced an as-yet-untitled upcoming new record, due out…
Andy Cush / May 18, 2017

Liars Melt Their Own Faces in ‘Pro Anti Anti’ Video

When Liars' released Mess earlier this year, SPIN's Stephanie Benson deciphered the avant-rock experiment as "musical translations of our collective existential crises," as opposed to plain old songs. Now…
Olivia Forman / June 24, 2014

Truss Gives Liars’ ‘Pro Anti Anti’ a Sprightly Remix

At the end of March, Liars released their delightfully freaky seventh album, Mess. One of the nightmare-inducing standouts, "Pro Anti Anti," delivers four minutes of…
Cynthia Orgel / May 15, 2014

Austin Psych Fest 2014: SPIN’s Photo Highlights

On the first weekend of May 2014, the seventh annual Austin Psych Fest took place at Carson Creek Ranch. Produced and curated by the Reverberation…
Krista Schlueter / May 5, 2014

Liars Lead a CGI Apocalypse in ‘Mess on a Mission’ Video

Fresh off the release of their SPIN Essential seventh album Mess, experimental rock outfit Liars are back with a new video for lead single "Mess…
Dan Reilly / March 31, 2014

Liars Bring The Noise, Funk, Bath Salts On Mesmerizing ‘Mess’

Liars don't simply write songs. They create musical translations of our collective existential crises. This means their music is going to be messy. It's going…
Stephanie Benson / March 22, 2014

10 Albums to Stream: Future Islands, Liars, the Hold Steady, and More

Future Islands, Liars, the Hold Steady, and Tokyo Police Club all have new albums on the way and guess what? They're all streaming online right…
Cynthia Orgel / March 19, 2014
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