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Washed Out, Liars Make Moby and Damien Jurado’s ‘Almost Home’ Their Own

Liars, Moby, Damien Jurado, "Almost Home (Remix)"

Moby’s unexpectedly moving 2013 album Innocents has been lending itself well to remixes. Fuck Buttons’ based-noise remix of Wayne Coyne collaboration “The Perfect Life” is still sublime. And now Los Angeles-based art-punk stalkers Liars have contributed their take on “Almost Home,” the Damien Jurado-graced space-folk reverie with the heart-shredding video. This home, it is not Jurado’s beautiful house: The WIXIW warriors have rearranged the place in a frosty, post-electroclash style, all metronomic thuds and android vocal effects until somebody remembers to include a touch of strings in the interior decorating. Liars’ Mess arrives on March 25 via Mute, and Jurado’s bewitching, Father John Misty-cosigned Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Sun is out now on Secretly Canadian. Listen to Liars’ “Almost Home” remix below, and scroll down for Jurado’s “Silver Timothy” video.

Update: Washed Out has remixed “Almost Home” as well, expanding upon the brightly blooming vistas therein, adding a ton of glistening reverb, and giving us a trip-hop lope to bob and bubble too. Around the 2:30 mark, there’s even an evocation of Marvin Gaye in the hand-drums and Jurado’s arching coo. That one’s been added to the top of the pile below, via Stereogum. Washed Out’s Paracosm came out in August.