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Hear Liars’ Rave-Punk Ripper ‘Mess on a Mission’

Liars 'Mess on a Mission' Stream Album

“Facts are facts and fiction’s fiction,” goes the chorus of Liars’ new song “Mess on a Mission,” but the Los Angeles-based experimentalists seem to take particular glee in blurring that line. Their excellent 2012 set WIXIW was promoted with a series of images and videos designed to confuse the viewer, and their next album Mess so far seems to celebrate yarn doing all sorts of things yarn doesn’t normally do. Now we can hear the aforementioned first taste of that March 25 set — a ripping pileup of pounding beats, rave fuzz, and droning vocals that bodes well for the other 10 songs. See Mess‘ track list and album cover below, and make sure to check out SPIN’s 50 Albums You’ve Gotta Hear in 2014 for more highlights from the new year.

Liars, Mess track list:

1. “Mask Maker”
2. “Vox Tuned D.E.D.”
3. “I’m No Gold”
4. “Pro Anti Anti”
5. “Can’t Hear Well”
6. “Mess on a Mission”
7. “Darkslide”
8. “Boyzone”
9. “Dress Walker”
10. “Perpetual Village”
11. “Left Speaker Blown”

Liars 'Mess on a Mission' Stream Album