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Watch Liars Do Awesome Arty Things in ‘I Saw You From the Lifeboat’ Video

Liars 'I Saw You From the Lifeboat' Video 'Perfume Tear'

Liars’ excellent WIXIW found the Los Angeles noise-makers crafting an electronic album on their own beguiling terms, dwelling in the art form’s more purgatorial nature, as critic Andy Beta noted. SPIN actually visited the hidden bunker where the trio recorded those songs and witnessed some of the odd experiments that gave the LP some of its unique sounds (we’re still not sure about those osmotic books) and the video for the freshly released “I Saw You From the Lifeboat” acts as a window into that world.

A series of images frenetically flies by as the band creates WIXIW, makes music videos, consorts with cats, shares cryptic diagrams, hangs with No Age, and … well, you get the idea. It’s pretty much everything that’s happened since the album’s opening moments were conceived, up to the clip for “The Exact Color of Doubt” that came out last month. As for the song itself, it’s one of two new free tracks created by Liars after they came home from touring, and it rings with the same kind of beat-damaged dread that typified WIXIW‘s best moments. To download “Lifeboat” and “Perfume Tear” follow this link and enter your email address.

A word from Angus Andrew, via Consequence of Sound:

After releasing WIXIW and returning home from touring there was a palpable sense of creative relief and release. We relished in the opportunity to make stuff under no real directive and began almost immediately to produce all kinds of unrelated works. It’s a great position to be in creatively so we decided to share a small portion of the results with you today. Both of these songs happened almost instantly, and, in sharp contrast to the music we produced for WIXIW, were not labored over or scrutinized. It’s been great for us to recall the immediacy and excitement of creating music on the fly — unrestricted by subject matter and void of preoccupations about how it should ‘work’ in the greater context of things.”