Watch Liars Enter the Matrix in ‘The Exact Color of Doubt’ Video

Liars 'The Exact Color of Doubt' Video WIXIW

Liars thrilled and stunned on their more electronic-leaning last album WIXIW (pronounced “wish you”) and one of the 2012 set’s many highlights is the gossamer drifter “The Exact Color of Doubt.” SPIN’s Andy Beta described the songs as “a lucid dream evoking Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Volume II at its most disembodied: gravity-free synth washes, a lullaby-like melody, muffled thumps of percussion, and the foreboding [Angus] Andrew deploying his most gorgeous and reassuring Thom Yorke falsetto.”

Continuing a tradition of artfully executed videos that chill in the middle zone on the creepy-to-beautiful scale (see also: “No. 1 Against the Rush,” “Brats” and “WIXIW”), Liars label Mute has shared the above clip for “Doubt.” Director Markus Wambsganss uses “a hacked Kinect sensor to scan [the band’s] upper bodies,” resulting in Aaron Hemphill, Andrew and Julian Gross (left to right) appearing as 3D avatars of themselves. Wambsganss also helped out with the clip for 2006’s “The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack,” which similarly captured the artists’ faces for the duration of the video. This time, he chose the matrix look to match the digital vibes of WIXIW.


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