Liars Melt Their Own Faces in ‘Pro Anti Anti’ Video

Watch Liars Video Pro Anti Anti

When Liars’ released Mess earlier this year, SPIN’s Stephanie Benson deciphered the avant-rock experiment as “musical translations of our collective existential crises,” as opposed to plain old songs. Now the Los Angeles noise renegades offer a visual accompanyment for “Pro Anti Anti,” persisting with their modus operadi of weaving unsettling eye-candy into artsy videos (see also: “The Exact Color of Doubt,” “No. 1 Against the Rush,” “Brats,” and “WIXIW”).

This clip in paticular finds Liars Angus Andrew and Aaron Hemphill in the studios of Direct Dimensions, who give their heads the 3D treatment using the marvels of modern technology. But the process ends with a dramatic flourish of visual oddity that Andrew calls “the money shot.” Director Yoonha Park cites How It’s Made on the Discovery Channel for the “manufacturing-porn” inspiration as well as memories of Sesame Street’s visit to a crayon factory. Via Nowness.



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