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Video: Liars – “Helsingor Lane”

liars - "helsingor lane" video

Liars have released their third video from their soundtrack to the Jeremy Phillips-directed film, 1/1, which is about a disenfranchised woman living in rural Pennsylvania. The video, also directed by Phillips, is for the track “Helsingor Lane” and features footage from the film of Judd Nelson going about his daily routine within the gloomy, snowy horizon. “Helsingor Lane” is a deeply moody, dark electronic record that’s as cold and unflinching as the film would seem to be based on what is given in the video.

The soundtrack is the last recording Angus Andrew and Aaron Hemphill made together before Hemphill left the band to start his new project Nonpareils. Earlier this year, Liars released similar videos for “No Now Not Your Face” and “Liquorice” from the 1/1 soundtrack. Watch the video for “Helsingor Lane” below.